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Articles by Topics
Topic J. - Computer Applications

M. Ahmad, S. Gruner, M.T. Afzal:
Computational Analysis of Medieval Manuscripts: A New Tool for Analysis and Mapping of Medieval Documents to Modern Orthography
page 2750 - 2770
Vol.18 / Issue 20
D. Arellano, C. Manresa-Yee, V. Helzle:
Let me Listen to Poetry, Let me See Emotions
page 1006 - 1025
Vol.20 / Issue 7
D. Biella, T. Pilz, D. Sacher, B. Weyers, W. Luther, N. Baloian, T. Schreck:
Crowdsourcing and Co-curation in Virtual Museums: A Practice-driven Approach
page 1277 - 1297
Vol.22 / Issue 10
L. Bradley:
The Mobile Language Learner - Use of Technology in Language Learning
page 1269 - 1282
Vol.21 / Issue 10
G. Bravo, M. Laitinen, M. Levin, W. Löwe, G. Petersson:
Big Data in Cross-Disciplinary Research
page 1035 - 1037
Vol.23 / Issue 11
B. Burkard, G. Vogeler, S. Gruner:
Informatics for Historians: Tools for Medieval Document XML Markup, and their Impact on the History-Sciences
page 193 - 210
Vol.14 / Issue 2
D. G. Camhy, R. Stubenrauch:
A Cross-Disciplinary Bibliography on Visual Languages for Information Sharing and Archiving
page 369 - 396
Vol.9 / Issue 4
J. G. Cegarra-Navarro, B. Rodrigo-Moya:
Individual Knowledge as a Bridge between Human and Customer Capital
page 1469 - 1486
Vol.9 / Issue 12
M. J. Eppler:
Facilitating Knowledge Communication through Joint Interactive Visualization
page 683 - 690
Vol.10 / Issue 6
G. Franck-Oberaspach, D. B. Schweiger, K. Svozil:
A Packing Problem, Solved by Genetic Algorithms
page 464 - 470
Vol.5 / Issue 8
K. Kalyvioti, T.A. Mikropoulos:
A Virtual Reality Test for the Identification of Memory Strengths of Dyslexic Students in Higher Education
page 2698 - 2721
Vol.19 / Issue 18
T. Kymäläinen:
An Educational Glance into the Future: Holodeck as a Future Enacted Narrative Learning Technology
page 446 - 464
Vol.25 / Issue 5
J. García Laborda, T.M. Royo, M. Bakieva:
Looking towards the Future of Language Assessment: Usability of Tablet PCs in Language Testing
page 114 - 123
Vol.22 / Issue 1
M. Laitinen, J. Lundberg, M. Levin, A. Lakaw:
Utilizing Multilingual Language Data in (Nearly) Real Time: The Case of the Nordic Tweet Stream
page 1038 - 1956
Vol.23 / Issue 11
J. Lladós, D. Karatzas, J. Mas, G. Sánchez:
A Generic Architecture for the Conversion of Document Collections into Semantically Annotated Digital Archives
page 2912 - 2935
Vol.14 / Issue 18
H. Maurer, R. Stubenrauch, D. G. Camhy:
Foundations of MIRACLE: Multimedia Information Repository, A Computer-supported Language Effort
page 309 - 348
Vol.9 / Issue 4
T. Pallejà, E. Rubión, M. Teixido, M. Tresanchez, A. Fernández del Viso, C. Rebate, J. Palacin:
Using the Optical Flow to Implement a Relative Virtual Mouse Controlled by Head Movements
page 3127 - 3127
Vol.14 / Issue 19
D. Ruan, J. Lu, E. Laes, G. Zhang, J. Ma, G. Meskens:
Multi-criteria Group Decision Support with Linguistic Variables in Long-term Scenarios for Belgian Energy Policy
page 103 - 120
Vol.16 / Issue 1
A. Schmeil, M.J. Eppler:
Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Learning in Second Life: A Classification of Virtual 3D Group Interaction Scripts
page 665 - 677
Vol.15 / Issue 3
R. Stubenrauch, D. G. Camhy, J. Lennon, H. Maurer:
Applications of MIRACLE: Working With Dynamic Visual Information
page 349 - 365
Vol.9 / Issue 4
H. Uzunboylu, Ç. Hürsen, G. Özütürk, M. Demirok:
Determination of Turkish University Students' Attitudes for Mobile Integrated EFL Classrooms in North Cyprus and Scale Development: ELLMTAS
page 1283 - 1296
Vol.21 / Issue 10
H.-W. Wang, Y.-C.J. Wu, T.-P. Dong:
Exploring the Impacts of Social Networking on Brand Image and Purchase Intention in Cyberspace
page 1425 - 1438
Vol.21 / Issue 11