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Articles by Topics
Topic D. - Software
Topic D.2.3 - Coding Tools and Techniques

A. Adamkó:
UML-Based Modeling of Data-oriented WEB Applications
page 1104 - 1117
Vol.12 / Issue 9
C. Alario-Hoyos, I. Estévez-Ayres, J.M. Gallego-Romero, C. Delgado Kloos, C. Fernández-Panadero, R.M. Crespo-García, F. Almenares, M.B. Ibáñez, J. Villena-Román, J. Ruiz-Magaña, J. Blasco:
A Study of Learning-by-Doing in MOOCs through the Integration of Third-Party External Tools: Comparison of Synchronous and Asynchronous Running Modes
page 1015 - 1033
Vol.24 / Issue 8
T. Batista, M. Vieira:
RE-AspectLua - Achieving Reuse in AspectLua
page 786 - 805
Vol.13 / Issue 6
N. Cacho, T. Batista, F. Fernandes:
AspectLua - A Dynamic AOP Approach
page 1177 - 1197
Vol.11 / Issue 7
M.E. Cambronero, V. Valero, E. Martínez:
Design and Generation of Web Services Choreographies with Time Constraints
page 1800 - 1829
Vol.17 / Issue 13
F. Cao, B.R. Bryant, R.R. Raje, A.M. Olson, M. Auguston, W. Zhao, C.C. Burt:
A Non-Invasive Approach to Assertive and Autonomous Dynamic Component Composition in the Service-Oriented Paradigm
page 1645 - 1675
Vol.11 / Issue 10
E. Chavarriaga, F. Jurado, F. Díez:
PsiLight: a Lightweight Programming Language to Explore Multiple Program Execution and Data-binding in a Web-Client DSL Evaluation Engine
page 953 - 968
Vol.23 / Issue 10
E. Cirilo, U. Kulesza, C.J. Pereira de Lucena:
A Product Derivation Tool Based on Model-Driven Techniques and Annotations
page 1344 - 1367
Vol.14 / Issue 8
J. Fabry, R. Robbes, M. Denker:
DIE: A Domain Specific Aspect Language for IDE Events
page 135 - 168
Vol.20 / Issue 2
J. Lundberg, W. Lowe:
Points-to Analysis: A Fine-Grained Evaluation
page 2851 - 2878
Vol.18 / Issue 20
F. Medeiros, M. Ribeiro, R. Gheyi, B. Fonseca:
A Catalogue of Refactorings to Remove Incomplete Annotations
page 746 - 771
Vol.20 / Issue 5
J. Moreno-León, G. Robles, M. Román-González:
Examining the Relationship between Socialization and Improved Software Development Skills in the Scratch Code Learning Environment
page 1533 - 1557
Vol.22 / Issue 12
T. Pallejà, E. Rubión, M. Teixido, M. Tresanchez, A. Fernández del Viso, C. Rebate, J. Palacin:
Using the Optical Flow to Implement a Relative Virtual Mouse Controlled by Head Movements
page 3127 - 3127
Vol.14 / Issue 19
C. Rhodes:
Using Lisp Implementation Internals Unportable but Fun
page 315 - 339
Vol.16 / Issue 2
K. Schmid, H. Eichelberger, C. Kröher:
Domain-Oriented Customization of Service Platforms: Combining Product Line Engineering and Service-Oriented Computing
page 233 - 253
Vol.19 / Issue 2
T. Schümmer, S. Lukosch:
Understanding Tools and Practices for Distributed Pair Programming
page 3101 - 3125
Vol.15 / Issue 16
J. Luis Sierra, A. Fernández-Valmayor, B. Fernández-Manjón, A. Navarro:
ADDS: A Document-Oriented Approach for Application Development
page 1302 - 1324
Vol.10 / Issue 9
É. Tanter, J. Fabry:
Supporting Composition of Structural Aspects in an AOP Kernel
page 620 - 647
Vol.15 / Issue 3
S.A. Vidal, C. Marcos:
A Catalog of Aspect Refactorings for Spring/AOP
page 157 - 182
Vol.19 / Issue 1
B. Virginas, M. Ursu, E. Tsang, G. Owusu, C. Voudouris:
Intelligent Resource Exchanges: Solutions and Pathways in a Workforce Allocation Problem
page 2343 - 2358
Vol.14 / Issue 14
L.L. Nunes da Silva Junior, A. Plastino, L.G.P. Murta:
What Should I Code Now?
page 797 - 821
Vol.20 / Issue 5