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Articles by Topics
Topic L. - Science and Technology of Learning
Topic L.1.3 - Ontology/Taxonomy and Classification

H.R. Amado-Salvatierra, J.R. Hilera, S.O. Tortosa, R. Hernández Rizzardini, N. Piedra:
Towards a Semantic Definition of a Framework to Implement Accessible e-Learning Projects
page 921 - 942
Vol.22 / Issue 7
M. Feidakis, T. Daradoumis, S. Caballe, J. Conesa, D. Gañán:
A Dual-Modal System that Evaluates User's Emotions in Virtual Learning Environments and Responds Affectively
page 1638 - 1660
Vol.19 / Issue 11
Á. Fidalgo, M.L. Sein-Echaluce, D. Lerís, O. Castañeda:
Teaching Innova Project: the Incorporation of Adaptable Outcomes in Order to Grade Training Adaptability
page 1500 - 1521
Vol.19 / Issue 11
M.J.A. Gonçalves, Á. Rocha, M. Pérez Cota:
Interoperability Framework for Competences and Learning Outcomes
page 1042 - 1060
Vol.21 / Issue 8
K. Halimi, H. Seridi-Bouchelaghem:
A Web3.0-based Intelligent Learning System Supporting Education in the 21st Century
page 1373 - 1393
Vol.25 / Issue 10
R. Hernández Rizzardini:
Cloud Interoperability Service Architecture for Education Environments
page 656 - 578
Vol.21 / Issue 5
S. Kroop:
Evaluation on Students' and Teachers' Acceptance of Widget- and Cloud-based Personal Learning Environments
page 2150 - 2171
Vol.19 / Issue 14
E. Kurilovas, A. Juskeviciene, S. Kubilinskiene, S. Serikoviene:
Several Semantic Web Approaches to Improving the Adaptation Quality of Virtual Learning Environments
page 1418 - 1432
Vol.20 / Issue 10
B. Martin, A. Mitrovic, P. Suraweera:
ITS Domain Modelling with Ontology
page 2758 - 2776
Vol.14 / Issue 17
N. Piedra, J. Chicaiza, J. López, E. Tovar:
Seeking Open Educational Resources to Compose Massive Open Online Courses in Engineering Education
An Approach based on Linked Open Data
page 679 - 711
Vol.21 / Issue 5
L. Po, D. Malvezzi:
Community Detection Applied on Big Linked Data
page 1627 - 1650
Vol.24 / Issue 11
G.D. Putnik, M.M. Cruz-Cunha:
A Taxonomy for Virtual Enterprises
page 859 - 884
Vol.20 / Issue 6
N. Trevisan Roman, P. Piwek, A.M. Brito Rizzoni Carvalho, A. Rossi Alvares:
Sentiment and Behaviour Annotation in a Corpus of Dialogue Summaries
page 561 - 586
Vol.21 / Issue 4
E.B. Saleme, C.A.S. Santos, R.A. Falbo, G. Ghinea, F. Andres:
MulseOnto: a Reference Ontology to Support the Design of Mulsemedia Systems
page 1761 - 1786
Vol.25 / Issue 13
L. Weng, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhou, L.T. Yang, P. Tian, M. Zhong:
A Joint Web Resource Recommendation Method based on Category Tree and Associate Graph
page 2387 - 2408
Vol.15 / Issue 12
A. Zambrano, C. Toro, M. Nieto, R. Sotaquira, C. Sanín, E. Szczerbicki:
Video Semantic Analysis Framework based on Run-time Production Rules - Towards Cognitive Vision
page 856 - 870
Vol.21 / Issue 6
J. Zhang, K.-W. Chau:
Multilayer Ensemble Pruning via Novel Multi-sub-swarm Particle Swarm Optimization
page 840 - 858
Vol.15 / Issue 4