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C. Alario-Hoyos, I. Estévez-Ayres, J.M. Gallego-Romero, C. Delgado Kloos, C. Fernández-Panadero, R.M. Crespo-García, F. Almenares, M.B. Ibáñez, J. Villena-Román, J. Ruiz-Magaña, J. Blasco:
A Study of Learning-by-Doing in MOOCs through the Integration of Third-Party External Tools: Comparison of Synchronous and Asynchronous Running Modes
page 1015 - 1033
Vol.24 / Issue 8
M. Alier, E. Mayol, M.J. Casañ, J. Piguillem, J.W. Merriman, M.Á. Conde, F.J. García-Peñalvo, W. Tebben, C. Severance:
Clustering Projects for eLearning Interoperability
page 106 - 122
Vol.18 / Issue 1
J.M. Alvarez-Rodríguez, R. Mendieta, J.L. de la Vara, A. Fraga, J. Llorens:
Enabling System Artefact Exchange and Selection through a Linked Data Layer
page 1536 - 1560
Vol.24 / Issue 11
S. Amaro, E. Pimentel, A.M. Roldán:
Coordinating Behavioral Descriptions of Components
page 1676 - 1694
Vol.11 / Issue 10
A. Brogi, J. Cubo, L. González, E. Pimentel, R. Ruggia:
Dynamic Verification of Mashups of Service-Oriented Things through a Mediation Platform
page 1049 - 1070
Vol.20 / Issue 8
D. Burgos, C. Tattersall, M. Dougiamas, H. Vogten, R. Koper:
A First Step Mapping IMS Learning Design and Moodle
page 924 - 931
Vol.13 / Issue 7
F. Cao, B.R. Bryant, R.R. Raje, A.M. Olson, M. Auguston, W. Zhao, C.C. Burt:
A Non-Invasive Approach to Assertive and Autonomous Dynamic Component Composition in the Service-Oriented Paradigm
page 1645 - 1675
Vol.11 / Issue 10
G.-P. Ciordas-Hertel, J. Schneider, S. Ternier, H. Drachsler:
Adopting Trust in Learning Analytics Infrastructure: A Structured Literature Review
page 1668 - 1686
Vol.25 / Issue 13
R. Colomo-Palacios, E. Fernandes, M. Sabbagh, A. de Amescua Seco:
Human and Intellectual Capital Management in the Cloud: Software Vendor Perspective
page 1544 - 1557
Vol.18 / Issue 11
J. Cubo, C. Canal, E. Pimentel:
Context-Aware Composition and Adaptation based on Model Transformation
page 777 - 806
Vol.17 / Issue 5
M. Alier Forment, M.J. Casany, E. Mayol, J. Piguillem, N. Galanis, F.J. García-Peñalvo, M.Á. Conde:
Docs4Learning: Getting Google Docs to work within the LMS with IMS BLTI
page 1483 - 1500
Vol.18 / Issue 11
L. Fuentes, D. Jiménez, M. Pinto:
Development of Ambient Intelligence Applications using Components and Aspects
page 236 - 251
Vol.12 / Issue 3
C. Gacek, C. Gamble:
Mismatch Avoidance in Web Services Software Architectures
page 1285 - 1313
Vol.14 / Issue 8
G. Giachetti, M. Albert, B. Marín, O. Pastor:
Linking UML and MDD through UML Profiles: a Practical Approach based on the UML Association
page 2353 - 2373
Vol.16 / Issue 17
L. González, G. Ortiz:
An Event-Driven Integration Platform for Context-Aware Web Services
page 1071 - 1088
Vol.20 / Issue 8
D. Hernández-Leo, A. Harrer, J.M. Dodero, J.I. Asensio-Pérez, D. Burgos:
A Framework for the Conceptualization of Approaches to "Create-by-Reuse" of Learning Design Solutions
page 991 - 1001
Vol.13 / Issue 7
M. Johnson, D. Griffiths, M. Wang:
Positioning Theory, Roles and the Design and Implementation of Learning Technology
page 1329 - 1346
Vol.17 / Issue 9
S. Kell:
A Survey of Practical Software Adaptation Techniques
page 2110 - 2157
Vol.14 / Issue 13
J. Lee, J. Whittle, O. Storz:
Bio-Inspired Mechanisms for Coordinating Multiple Instances of a Service Feature in Dynamic Software Product Lines
page 670 - 683
Vol.17 / Issue 5
D. López de Ipiña, J.I. Vázquez, D. García, J. Fernández, I. García, D. Sainz, A. Almeida:
EMI²lets: A Reflective Framework for Enabling AmI
page 297 - 314
Vol.12 / Issue 3
D. López-de-Ipiña, I. Díaz-de-Sarralde, J. García-Zubia:
An Ambient Assisted Living Platform Integrating RFID Data-on-Tag Care Annotations and Twitter
page 1521 - 1538
Vol.16 / Issue 12
M. Milovanović, M. Minović, S. Dušan:
Interoperability Framework for Multimodal Biometry: Open Source in Action
page 1558 - 1575
Vol.18 / Issue 11
K. Mouri, H. Ogata, N. Uosaki, E. Lkhagvasuren:
Context-aware and Personalization Method based on Ubiquitous Learning Analytics
page 1380 - 1397
Vol.22 / Issue 10
R. Queirós, J.P. Leal:
Ensemble - an E-Learning Framework
page 2127 - 2149
Vol.19 / Issue 14
F. Ramalho, J. Robin, R. Barros:
XOCL - an XML Language for Specifying Logical Constraints in Object Oriented Models
page 956 - 969
Vol.9 / Issue 8
C. Rhodes:
Using Lisp Implementation Internals Unportable but Fun
page 315 - 339
Vol.16 / Issue 2
V.V. Tan, D.-S. Yoo, J.-C. Shin, M.-J. Yi:
A Multiagent System for Hierarchical Control and Monitoring
page 2485 - 2505
Vol.15 / Issue 13
M. Zouari, C. Diop, E. Exposito:
Multilevel and Coordinated Self-management in Autonomic Systems based on Service Bus
page 431 - 460
Vol.20 / Issue 3