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Articles by Topics
Topic L. - Science and Technology of Learning
Topic L.1.0 - Knowledge Construction/Representation

T.-Q. Chu, A. Drogoul, A. Boucher, J.-D. Zucker:
Interactive Learning of Independent Experts' Criteria for Rescue Simulations
page 2701 - 2725
Vol.15 / Issue 13
P. Dolog, F. Durao, K. Jahn, Y. Lin, D. Kjaersgaard Peitersen:
Recommending Open Linked Data in Creativity Sessions using Web Portals with Collaborative Real Time Environment
page 1690 - 1709
Vol.17 / Issue 12
P. Kyriakou, I. Hatzilygeroudis, J. Garofalakis:
A Tool for Managing Domain Knowledge and Helping Tutors in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
page 2841 - 2861
Vol.16 / Issue 19
G.-X. Luo, Y. Liu, Z.-Y. Zhang:
A Dynamic Model of Reposting Information Propagation Based on Empirical Analysis and Markov Process
page 360 - 374
Vol.22 / Issue 3
B. Martin, A. Mitrovic, P. Suraweera:
ITS Domain Modelling with Ontology
page 2758 - 2776
Vol.14 / Issue 17
E. Nilsen Pereira de Souza, D. Barreiro Claro, R. Glauber:
A Similarity Grammatical Structures Based Method for Improving Open Information Systems
page 43 - 69
Vol.24 / Issue 1
L. Vicent Safont, S. Villagrasa, D. Fonseca, E. Redondo:
Virtual Learning Scenarios for Qualitative Assessment in Higher Education 3D Arts
page 1086 - 1105
Vol.21 / Issue 8
G. Santamaría-Bonfil, G. Escobedo-Briones, M. Perez-Ramírez, G. Arroyo-Figueroa:
A Learning Ecosystem for Linemen Training based on Big Data Components and Learning Analytics
page 541 - 568
Vol.25 / Issue 5
G.A. Sielis, C. Mettouris, G.A. Papadopoulos, A. Tzanavari, R.M. Dols, Q. Siebers:
A Context Aware Recommender System for Creativity Support Tools
page 1743 - 1763
Vol.17 / Issue 12
V. Ströele, G. Zimbrão, J.M. Souza:
Modeling, Mining and Analysis of Multi-Relational Scientific Social Network
page 1048 - 1068
Vol.18 / Issue 8
B. Thalheim:
Towards a Theory of Conceptual Modelling
page 3102 - 3137
Vol.16 / Issue 20
M. Tissenbaum, M. Lui, J.D. Slotta:
Co-Designing Collaborative Smart Classroom Curriculum for Secondary School Science
page 327 - 352
Vol.18 / Issue 3
G.W. Young, S. Stehle, B. Yazgi Walsh, E. Tiri:
Exploring Virtual Reality in the Higher Education Classroom: Using VR to Build Knowledge and Understanding
page 904 - 928
Vol.26 / Issue 8
P. de Lange, P. Nicolaescu, J. Benscheid, R. Klamma:
Integrating 3D Objects in Collaborative Non-Linear Storytelling on the Web
page 1608 - 1624
Vol.25 / Issue 12