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Articles by Topics
Topic D. - Software
Topic D.2.6 - Programming Environments

R. Banach, F. Arbab, G. A. Papadopoulos, J. R. W. Glauert:
A Multiply Hierarchical Automaton Semantics for the IWIM Coordination Model
page 2 - 33
Vol.9 / Issue 1
E. Chavarriaga, F. Jurado, F. Díez:
PsiLight: a Lightweight Programming Language to Explore Multiple Program Execution and Data-binding in a Web-Client DSL Evaluation Engine
page 953 - 968
Vol.23 / Issue 10
D. Drusinsky, M.-T. Shing:
Monitoring Temporal Logic Specifications Combined with Time Series Constraints
page 1261 - 1276
Vol.9 / Issue 11
C.H.Q. Forster:
Programming through Spreadsheets and Tabular Abstractions
page 806 - 816
Vol.13 / Issue 6
L. Fuentes, D. Jiménez, M. Pinto:
Development of Ambient Intelligence Applications using Components and Aspects
page 236 - 251
Vol.12 / Issue 3
A. Gargantini, E. Riccobene, P. Scandurra:
A Metamodel-based Language and a Simulation Engine for Abstract State Machines
page 1949 - 1983
Vol.14 / Issue 12
S. Ikeda, T. Nagamine, T. Kamada:
Application Framework with Demand-Driven Mashup for Selective Browsing
page 2109 - 2137
Vol.15 / Issue 10
F. Jurado, A.I. Molina, M.A. Redondo, M. Ortega, A. Giemza, L. Bollen, H.U. Hoppe:
Learning to Program with COALA, a Distributed Computer Assisted Environment
page 1472 - 1485
Vol.15 / Issue 7
W. Kahl, F. Derichsweiler:
Declarative Term Graph Attribution for Program Generation
page 54 - 70
Vol.7 / Issue 1
S. Kell:
A Survey of Practical Software Adaptation Techniques
page 2110 - 2157
Vol.14 / Issue 13
D. López de Ipiña, J.I. Vázquez, D. García, J. Fernández, I. García, D. Sainz, A. Almeida:
EMI²lets: A Reflective Framework for Enabling AmI
page 297 - 314
Vol.12 / Issue 3
D. López-de-Ipiña, I. Díaz-de-Sarralde, J. García-Zubia:
An Ambient Assisted Living Platform Integrating RFID Data-on-Tag Care Annotations and Twitter
page 1521 - 1538
Vol.16 / Issue 12
J. Moreno-León, G. Robles, M. Román-González:
Examining the Relationship between Socialization and Improved Software Development Skills in the Scratch Code Learning Environment
page 1533 - 1557
Vol.22 / Issue 12
K. Nørmark:
Systematic Unit Testing in a Read-eval-print Loop
page 296 - 314
Vol.16 / Issue 2
R. Perrone, R. Macedo, G. Lima, V. Lima:
An Approach for Estimating Execution Time Probability Distributions of Component-based Real-Time Systems
page 2142 - 2165
Vol.15 / Issue 11
L. Prechelt, C. Krämer:
Functionality versus Practicality: Employing Existing Tools for Recovering Structural Design Patterns
page 866 - 882
Vol.4 / Issue 12
K. Schmaranz:
On Second Generation Distributed Component Systems
page 97 - 116
Vol.8 / Issue 1
M.M. Schrage, S.D. Swierstra:
Beyond ASCII - Parsing Programs with Graphical Presentations
page 3414 - 3430
Vol.14 / Issue 21
T. Schümmer, S. Lukosch:
Understanding Tools and Practices for Distributed Pair Programming
page 3101 - 3125
Vol.15 / Issue 16
R. Tesoriero, J.A. Gallud, M.D. Lozano, V.M.R. Penichet:
CAUCE: Model-driven Development of Context-aware Applications for Ubiquitous Computing Environments
page 2111 - 2138
Vol.16 / Issue 15
I. Tomek:
Knowledge Management and Collaborative Virtual Environments
page 458 - 471
Vol.7 / Issue 6
J.M. Vara, V. Andrikopoulos, M.P. Papazoglou, E. Marcos:
Towards Model-Driven Engineering Support for Service Evolution
page 2364 - 2382
Vol.18 / Issue 17
B. Virginas, M. Ursu, E. Tsang, G. Owusu, C. Voudouris:
Intelligent Resource Exchanges: Solutions and Pathways in a Workforce Allocation Problem
page 2343 - 2358
Vol.14 / Issue 14
B.T. Westphal, F. C. Harris, Jr., S.M. Dascalu:
Snippets: Support for Drag-and-Drop Programming in the Redwood Environment
page 859 - 871
Vol.10 / Issue 7
L. de Freitas, M. Caraciolo, M. Cornélio:
Logic Programming for Verification of Object-Oriented Programming Law Conditions
page 721 - 736
Vol.13 / Issue 6
A. Alvarenga de Oliveira, T. Henrique Braga, M.d.A. Maia, R. da Silva Bigonha:
MetaJ: An Extensible Environment for Metaprogramming in Java
page 872 - 891
Vol.10 / Issue 7