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Articles by Topics
Topic K. - Computing Milieux
Topic K.4.2 - Social Issues

H.R. Amado-Salvatierra, J.R. Hilera, S.O. Tortosa, R. Hernández Rizzardini, N. Piedra:
Towards a Semantic Definition of a Framework to Implement Accessible e-Learning Projects
page 921 - 942
Vol.22 / Issue 7
S. Alcalde Bagüés, A. Zeidler, I. R. Matias, C. Klein, C. Fernandez Valdivielso:
Enabling Personal Privacy for Pervasive Computing Environments
page 341 - 371
Vol.16 / Issue 3
L. Botturi, C. Bramani, S. McCusker:
Boys are like Girls: Insights in the Gender Digital Divide in Higher Education in Switzerland and Europe
page 353 - 376
Vol.18 / Issue 3
V. Casola, R. Preziosi, M. Rak, L. Troiano:
A Reference Model for Security Level Evaluation: Policy and Fuzzy Techniques
page 150 - 174
Vol.11 / Issue 1
P. Cáceres, A. Sierra-Alonso, C.E. Cuesta, B. Vela, J.M. Cavero:
Modelling and Linking Accessibility Data in the Public Bus Network
page 777 - 795
Vol.21 / Issue 6
A.P. Glascock, D.M. Kutzik:
The Impact of Behavioral Monitoring Technology on the Provision of Health Care in the Home
page 59 - 79
Vol.12 / Issue 1
K. Grčić, M. Bagić Babac, V. Podobnik:
Generating Politician Profiles based on Content Analysis of Social Network Datasets
page 236 - 255
Vol.23 / Issue 3
Á. Hernández-García, S. Iglesías-Pradas, J. Chaparro-Peláez, F. Pascual-Miguel:
Exploring the Attitudes and Intentions of Non-shoppers in the Acceptance of e-Commerce
page 1314 - 1328
Vol.17 / Issue 9
Z. Hulicki:
Drives and Barriers for Development of Broadband Access - CE Perspective
page 717 - 730
Vol.14 / Issue 5
R. José, H. Rodrigues, N. Otero:
Ambient Intelligence: Beyond the Inspiring Vision
page 1480 - 1499
Vol.16 / Issue 12
M. Jovic, D. Milutinovic, A. Kos, S. Tomazic:
Product Presentation Strategy for Online Customers
page 1323 - 1342
Vol.18 / Issue 10
P. Juola:
Authorship Studies and the Dark Side of Social Media Analytics
page 156 - 170
Vol.26 / Issue 1
N. Kulathuramaiyer, W.-T. Balke:
Restricting the View and Connecting the Dots — Dangers of a Web Search Engine Monopoly
page 1731 - 1740
Vol.12 / Issue 12
G. Lappas, A. Triantafillidou, P. Yannas, A. Kavada, A. Kleftodimos, O. Vasileiadou:
Social Media Battles: their Impact during the 2014 Greek Municipal Elections
page 375 - 393
Vol.22 / Issue 3
J. Lennertz:
Perceptions about Internet Use by Teaching Faculty at Small Christian Colleges and Universities
page 367 - 404
Vol.6 / Issue 3
F. López-Colino, J. Colás:
The Synthesis of LSE Classifiers: From Representation to Evaluation
page 399 - 425
Vol.17 / Issue 3
T. Müldner, R. A. Nicholl:
Computer-Supported Human Cooperation in Electronic Classrooms
page 679 - 693
Vol.2 / Issue 10
C. Müller, B. Meuthrath, A. Baumgraß:
Analyzing Wiki-based Networks to Improve Knowledge Processes in Organizations
page 526 - 545
Vol.14 / Issue 4
I. Nieto, J.A. Botía, A.F. Gómez-Skarmeta:
Information and Hybrid Architecture Model of the OCP Contextual Information Management System
page 357 - 366
Vol.12 / Issue 3
S. Ortiz-Ángeles, Y. Villuendas-Rey, I. López-Yáñez, O. Camacho-Nieto, C. Yáñez-Márquez:
Electoral Preferences Prediction of the YouGov Social Network Users Based on Computational Intelligence Algorithms
page 304 - 326
Vol.23 / Issue 3
M. Safar, N. El-Sayed, K. Mahdi, D. Taniar:
Entropy Optimization of Social Networks Using an Evolutionary Algorithm
page 983 - 1003
Vol.16 / Issue 6
M. Sagharichian, M.A. Langouri, H. Naderi:
Calculating Exact Diameter Metric of Large Static Graphs
page 302 - 318
Vol.22 / Issue 3
L.M. Costi Santarosa, L. de Oliveira Basso:
Eduquito: Virtual Environment for Digital Inclusion of People with Special Educational Needs
page 1496 - 1507
Vol.15 / Issue 7
A.U. Schmidt:
On the Superdistribution of Digital Goods
page 401 - 425
Vol.15 / Issue 2
J. Shearer, P. Gutmann:
Government, Cryptography, and the Right to Privacy
page 113 - 146
Vol.2 / Issue 3
J. Shearer:
One Net One World Global Citizenship and the Internet
page 842 - 857
Vol.2 / Issue 12
C.-W. Shen, S.-H. Chu:
Web 2.0 and Social Networking Services in Municipal Emergency Management: A Study of U.S. Cities
page 1995 - 2004
Vol.20 / Issue 15
V. Ströele, R. Silva, M. Ferreira de Souza, C.E.R. de Mello, J.M. Souza, G. Zimbrao, J. Oliveira:
Identifying Workgroups in Brazilian Scientific Social Networks
page 1951 - 1970
Vol.17 / Issue 14
V. Ströele, G. Zimbrão, J.M. Souza:
Modeling, Mining and Analysis of Multi-Relational Scientific Social Network
page 1048 - 1068
Vol.18 / Issue 8
C. Taivan, R. José, B. Silva, I. Elhart, J. Cardoso:
Design Considerations for Application Selection and Control in Multi-user Public Displays
page 2526 - 2542
Vol.19 / Issue 17
I.H. Witten:
Searching ... in a Web
page 1739 - 1762
Vol.14 / Issue 10
A. Zygmunt, P. Bródka, P. Kazienko, J. Koźlak:
Key Person Analysis in Social Communities within the Blogosphere
page 577 - 597
Vol.18 / Issue 4
C. Vaz de Carvalho, P. Cano, J.M. Roa, A. Wanka, F. Kolland:
Overcoming the Silver Generation Digital Gap
page 1625 - 1543
Vol.25 / Issue 12