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Articles by Topics
Topic L. - Science and Technology of Learning
Topic L.6.0 - Learning Networks

H. Bicen:
The Role of Social Learning Networks in Mobile Assisted Language Learning: Edmodo as a Case Study
page 1297 - 1306
Vol.21 / Issue 10
H. Bicen, H. Uzunboylu:
The Use of Social Networking Sites in Education: A Case Study of Facebook
page 658 - 671
Vol.19 / Issue 5
M. Careaga Butter, M.G. Badilla Quintana, E. Sepulveda Valenzuela:
Incremental Prototyping Model for the Development of Educational Platforms: a Process of Design and Quality Standards
page 1407 - 1417
Vol.20 / Issue 10
C.C.P. Cruz, C.L.R. Motta, F.M. Santoro, M. Elia:
Applying Reputation Mechanisms in Communities of Practice: A Case Study
page 1886 - 1906
Vol.15 / Issue 9
R. Gil Ortego, J.A. Gil Pascual:
Conceptual Evaluation of Massive Open Online Courses through Pathfinder Associative Networks
page 1577 - 1593
Vol.21 / Issue 12
M. Safar, N. El-Sayed, K. Mahdi, D. Taniar:
Entropy Optimization of Social Networks Using an Evolutionary Algorithm
page 983 - 1003
Vol.16 / Issue 6
B. Shen, J. Guo:
Efficient Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing for Learning in Virtual Worlds
page 465 - 488
Vol.25 / Issue 5
H. Spoelstra, P. van Rosmalen, E. van de Vrie, M. Obreza, P. Sloep:
A Team Formation and Project-based Learning Support Service for Social Learning Networks
page 1474 - 1495
Vol.19 / Issue 10
V. Ströele, G. Zimbrão, J.M. Souza:
Modeling, Mining and Analysis of Multi-Relational Scientific Social Network
page 1048 - 1068
Vol.18 / Issue 8
E. Tovar, N. Piedra, J. Chicaiza, J. Lopez, O. Martinez-Bonastre:
OER Development and Promotion.
Outcomes of an International Research Projecton the OpenCourseWare Model
page 123 - 141
Vol.18 / Issue 1
I. van Zyl, R. de la Harpe:
AT-HOME 2.0 - An Educational Framework for Home-based Healthcare
page 429 - 453
Vol.18 / Issue 3