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Articles by Topics
Topic L. - Science and Technology of Learning
Topic L.1.2 - Learning Objects

J. Bozo, R. Alarcon, M. Peralta, T. Mery, V. Cabezas:
Metadata for Recommending Primary and Secondary Level Learning Resources
page 197 - 227
Vol.22 / Issue 2
S. Caballe, D. Ganan, I. Dunwell, A. Pierri, T. Daradoumis:
CC-LO: Embedding Interactivity, Challenge and Empowerment into Collaborative Learning Sessions
page 25 - 43
Vol.18 / Issue 1
C. Cechinel, S. da Silva Camargo, M.-Á. Sicilia, S. Sánchez-Alonso:
Mining Models for Automated Quality Assessment of Learning Objects
page 94 - 113
Vol.22 / Issue 1
P. Dolog, F. Durao, K. Jahn, Y. Lin, D. Kjaersgaard Peitersen:
Recommending Open Linked Data in Creativity Sessions using Web Portals with Collaborative Real Time Environment
page 1690 - 1709
Vol.17 / Issue 12
F. Ferri, A. D'Andrea, A. D'Ulizia, P. Grifoni:
Co-Creation of e-Learning Content: The Case Study of a MOOC on Health and Cyber-Bullying
page 200 - 219
Vol.26 / Issue 2
S. Kroop:
Evaluation on Students' and Teachers' Acceptance of Widget- and Cloud-based Personal Learning Environments
page 2150 - 2171
Vol.19 / Issue 14
P. Kyriakou, I. Hatzilygeroudis, J. Garofalakis:
A Tool for Managing Domain Knowledge and Helping Tutors in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
page 2841 - 2861
Vol.16 / Issue 19
M. Minović, M. Milovanović, D. Starčević:
Modelling Knowledge and Game Based Learning: Model Driven Approach
page 1241 - 1260
Vol.17 / Issue 9
H. Ozdal, F. Ozdamli:
The Effect of Infographics in Mobile Learning: Case Study in Primary School
page 1256 - 1275
Vol.23 / Issue 12
F. Ozdamli, T. Tavukcu:
Determination of Secondary School Students' Attitudes towards Tablet PC Supported Education
page 4 - 15
Vol.22 / Issue 1
M.V. Pohjola, P. Pohjola, S. Paavola, M. Bauters, J.T. Tuomisto:
Pragmatic Knowledge Services
page 472 - 497
Vol.17 / Issue 3
R. Queirós, J.P. Leal:
Orchestration of E-Learning Services for Automatic Evaluation of Programming Exercises
page 1454 - 1482
Vol.18 / Issue 11
E. Tovar, N. Piedra, J. Chicaiza, J. Lopez, O. Martinez-Bonastre:
OER Development and Promotion.
Outcomes of an International Research Projecton the OpenCourseWare Model
page 123 - 141
Vol.18 / Issue 1
H. Uzunboylu, V. Tugun:
Validity and Reliability of Tablet Supported Education Attitude and Usability Scale
page 82 - 93
Vol.22 / Issue 1
T. Wiedmann, J.L.V. Barbosa, S.J. Rigo, D. Nice Ferrari Barbosa:
RecSim: A Model for Learning Objects Recommendation using Similarity of Sessions
page 1175 - 1200
Vol.22 / Issue 8