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Articles by Topics
Topic J. - Computer Applications

K. Böhm, W. Engelbach, J. Härtwig, M. Wilcken, M. Delp:
Modelling and Implementing Pre-built Information Spaces. Architecture and Methods for Process Oriented Knowledge Management
page 605 - 633
Vol.11 / Issue 4
P. Castro Garrido, I. Luque Ruiz, M.Á. Gómez-Nieto:
An Alert System for People Monitoring Based on Multi-Agents using Maps
page 1257 - 124
Vol.19 / Issue 9
I. Hasan, J. Parapar, Á. Barreiro:
Improving the Extraction of Text in PDFs by Simulating the Human Reading Order
page 623 - 649
Vol.18 / Issue 5
W. Hiermann, M. Höfferer:
A Practical Knowledge-based Approach to Skill Management and Personal Development
page 1398 - 1409
Vol.9 / Issue 12
M.J. Fernández Iglesias, L.M. Álvarez Sabucedo:
From Analog to Digital Television; Strategies to Promote Rapid Adaptation and Awareness
page 1056 - 1074
Vol.16 / Issue 8
A.U. Kuswara, D. Richards:
Realising the Potential of Web 2.0 for Collaborative Learning Using Affordances
page 311 - 331
Vol.17 / Issue 2
G. Lappas, A. Triantafillidou, P. Yannas, A. Kavada, A. Kleftodimos, O. Vasileiadou:
Social Media Battles: their Impact during the 2014 Greek Municipal Elections
page 375 - 393
Vol.22 / Issue 3
J.B. Lee, G. Cabunducan, F.G.C. Cabarle, R. Castillo, J.A. Malinao:
Uncovering the Social Dynamics of Online Elections
page 487 - 505
Vol.18 / Issue 4
E.M. Morales, F.J. García-Peñalvo, Á. Barrón:
Improving LO Quality through Instructional Design Based on an Ontological Model and Metadata
page 970 - 979
Vol.13 / Issue 7
A. Paulin:
Towards Self-Service Government - A Study on the Computability of Legal Eligibilities
page 1761 - 1791
Vol.19 / Issue 12
M. Sagharichian, M.A. Langouri, H. Naderi:
Calculating Exact Diameter Metric of Large Static Graphs
page 302 - 318
Vol.22 / Issue 3
V. Ströele, G. Zimbrão, J.M. Souza:
Modeling, Mining and Analysis of Multi-Relational Scientific Social Network
page 1048 - 1068
Vol.18 / Issue 8
V. Ströele, R. Silva, M. Ferreira de Souza, C.E.R. de Mello, J.M. Souza, G. Zimbrao, J. Oliveira:
Identifying Workgroups in Brazilian Scientific Social Networks
page 1951 - 1970
Vol.17 / Issue 14
G.N. Vo, R. Lai:
A Secure Multi-Layer e-Document Method for Improving e-Government Processes
page 1583 - 1604
Vol.20 / Issue 11
H.-W. Wang, Y.-C.J. Wu, T.-P. Dong:
Exploring the Impacts of Social Networking on Brand Image and Purchase Intention in Cyberspace
page 1425 - 1438
Vol.21 / Issue 11
K. Zabaleta, U. Lopez-Novoa, I. Pretel, D. López-de-Ipiña, V. Cartelli, G. Di Modica, O. Tomarchio:
Designing a Human Computation Framework to Enhance Citizen-Government Interaction
page 122 - 153
Vol.25 / Issue 2