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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies

A. Ali, K. Terada:
A General Framework for Multi-Human Tracking using Kalman Filter and Fast Mean Shift Algorithms
page 921 - 937
Vol.16 / Issue 6
D. Brodić, Z. Milivojević:
A New Approach to Water Flow Algorithm for Text Line Segmentation
page 30 - 47
Vol.17 / Issue 1
D. Brodić, C.A.B. Mello, Č.A. Maluckov, Z.N. Milivojevic:
An Approach to Skew Detection of Printed Documents
page 488 - 506
Vol.20 / Issue 4
N. Buckley, A.K. Nagar, S. Arumugam:
On Real-valued Visual Cryptographic Basis Matrices
page 1536 - 1562
Vol.21 / Issue 12
A. Bukała, M. Koziarski, B. Cyganek, O.N. Koç, A. Kara:
A Study on Pattern Recognition with the Histograms of Oriented Gradients in Distorted and Noisy Images
page 454 - 478
Vol.26 / Issue 4
S.S. Bukhari, F. Shafait, T.M. Breuel:
Adaptive Binarization of Unconstrained Hand-Held Camera-Captured Document Images
page 3343 - 3363
Vol.15 / Issue 18
S. Chickerur, A.K. M:
Color Image Restoration Using Neural Network Model
page 107 - 125
Vol.17 / Issue 1
S.P. Chowdhury, S. Dhar, K. Rafferty, A.K. Das, B. Chanda:
Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images using Colour and Spatial Information Simultaneously
page 3325 - 3342
Vol.15 / Issue 18
I. László, F. Schipp, S.P. Kozaitis:
Construction of Wavelets and Applications
page 1278 - 1291
Vol.12 / Issue 9
L.A. Pereira Neves, J.M. de Carvalho, J. Facon, F. Bortolozzi:
Table-form Extraction with Artefact Removal
page 252 - 265
Vol.14 / Issue 2
A. Pinz, M. Prantl, H. Ganster:
A Robust Affine Matching Algorithm Using an Exponentially Decreasing Distance Function
page 614 - 631
Vol.1 / Issue 8
L.D. Terissi, J.C. Gómez:
3D Head Pose and Facial Expression Tracking using a Single Camera
page 903 - 920
Vol.16 / Issue 6
P. E. Undrill, K. Delibasis, G. G. Cameron:
Stack Filter Design Using a Distributed Parallel Implementation of Genetic Algorithms
page 821 - 834
Vol.3 / Issue 7

Topic I.4.m - Miscellaneous