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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.4.8 - Scene Analysis

J. Berke, Z. Polgár, Z. Horváth, T. Nagy:
Developing on Exact Quality and Classification System for Plant Improvement
page 1154 - 1164
Vol.12 / Issue 9
S.P. Chowdhury, S. Dhar, K. Rafferty, A.K. Das, B. Chanda:
Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images using Colour and Spatial Information Simultaneously
page 3325 - 3342
Vol.15 / Issue 18
J. Díaz, E. Ros, R. Rodriguez-Gomez, B. del Pino:
Real-time Architecture for Robust Motion Estimation under Varying Illumination Conditions
page 363 - 376
Vol.13 / Issue 3
D. Krstinić, M. Braović, D. Božić-Štulic:
Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning Based Classification of Natural Landscape Images
page 244 - 267
Vol.26 / Issue 2
K. Maliński, K. Okarma:
Application of Multi-Descriptor Binary Shape Analysis for Classification of Electronic Parts
page 479 - 495
Vol.26 / Issue 4
M. Piekarczyk, M.R. Ogiela:
Hierarchical Graph-Grammar Model for Secure and Efficient Handwritten Signatures Classification
page 926 - 943
Vol.17 / Issue 6
K. Scheibe, F. Huang, R. Klette:
Pose Estimation of Rotating Sensors in the Context of Accurate 3D Scene Modeling
page 1269 - 1290
Vol.16 / Issue 10
M. Sypetkowski, G. Sarwas, T. Trzciński:
Synthetic Image Translation for Football Players Pose Estimation
page 683 - 700
Vol.25 / Issue 6
L.D. Terissi, J.C. Gómez:
3D Head Pose and Facial Expression Tracking using a Single Camera
page 903 - 920
Vol.16 / Issue 6
A. Vavilin, K.-H. Jo:
Graph-based Approach for Robust Road Guidance Sign Recognition from Differently Exposed Images
page 786 - 804
Vol.15 / Issue 4
A. Zambrano, C. Toro, M. Nieto, R. Sotaquira, C. Sanín, E. Szczerbicki:
Video Semantic Analysis Framework based on Run-time Production Rules - Towards Cognitive Vision
page 856 - 870
Vol.21 / Issue 6