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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.4.6 - Segmentation

D. Bhattacharyya, P. Das, T.-h. Kim, S.K. Bandyopadhyay:
Vascular Pattern Analysis towards Pervasive Palm Vein Authentication
page 1081 - 1089
Vol.15 / Issue 5
D. Brodić, Z. Milivojević:
A New Approach to Water Flow Algorithm for Text Line Segmentation
page 30 - 47
Vol.17 / Issue 1
S.P. Chowdhury, S. Dhar, K. Rafferty, A.K. Das, B. Chanda:
Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images using Colour and Spatial Information Simultaneously
page 3325 - 3342
Vol.15 / Issue 18
J. Fastowicz, K. Okarma:
Quality Assessment of Photographed 3D Printed Flat Surfaces Using Hough Transform and Histogram Equalization
page 701 - 717
Vol.25 / Issue 6
A. Hajdu, J. Kormos, T. Tóth, K. Veréb:
Applications of Neighborhood Sequence in Image Processing and Database Retrieval
page 1240 - 1253
Vol.12 / Issue 9
D. Krstinić, M. Braović, D. Božić-Štulic:
Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning Based Classification of Natural Landscape Images
page 244 - 267
Vol.26 / Issue 2
K. Maliński, K. Okarma:
Application of Multi-Descriptor Binary Shape Analysis for Classification of Electronic Parts
page 479 - 495
Vol.26 / Issue 4
U. Malūkas, R. Maskeliūnas, R. Damaševičius, M. Woźniak:
Real Time Path Finding for Assisted Living Using Deep Learning
page 475 - 487
Vol.24 / Issue 4
H. Michalak, K. Okarma:
Fast Binarization of Unevenly Illuminated Document Images Based on Background Estimation for Optical Character Recognition Purposes
page 627 - 646
Vol.25 / Issue 6
L.A. Pereira Neves, J.M. de Carvalho, J. Facon, F. Bortolozzi:
Table-form Extraction with Artefact Removal
page 252 - 265
Vol.14 / Issue 2
A. Vavilin, K.-H. Jo:
Graph-based Approach for Robust Road Guidance Sign Recognition from Differently Exposed Images
page 786 - 804
Vol.15 / Issue 4
X.-F. Wang, D.-S. Huang:
A Novel Multi-Layer Level Set Method for Image Segmentation
page 2427 - 2451
Vol.14 / Issue 14