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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.5.1 - Models

O. Camacho-Nieto, C. Yáñez-Marquez, Y. Villuendas-Rey:
Undersampling Instance Selection for Hybrid and Incomplete Imbalanced Data
page 698 - 719
Vol.26 / Issue 6
S. Contreras, M.Á. Manzanedo, Á. Herrero:
A Hybrid Neural System to Study the Interplay between Economic Crisis and Workplace Accidents in Spain
page 667 - 682
Vol.25 / Issue 6
A. Faro, D. Giordano, C. Santorno:
Link-based Shaping of Hypermedia Webs Assisted by a Neural Agent
page 630 - 651
Vol.4 / Issue 7
I.E. Germanaitė, K. Zaleckis, R. Butleris, K. Jarmalavičienė:
Case Study of Spatial Pattern Description, Identification and Application Methodology
page 649 - 670
Vol.26 / Issue 6
Y. Gómez, R. Bello, A. Puris, M.M. García, A. Nowe:
Two Step Swarm Intelligence to Solve the Feature Selection Problem
page 2582 - 2596
Vol.14 / Issue 15
W. Hussein, R.M. Ismail, T.F. Gharib, M.G.M. Mostafa:
A Personalized Recommender System Based on a Hybrid Model
page 2224 - 2240
Vol.19 / Issue 15
P. Kekolahti, J. Karikoski:
Analysis of Mobile Service Usage Behaviour with Bayesian Belief Networks
page 325 - 352
Vol.19 / Issue 3
S.M. Lee, D.S. Kim, J.S. Park:
Cost-Sensitive Spam Detection Using Parameters Optimization and Feature Selection
page 944 - 960
Vol.17 / Issue 6
F. Meyer, B. van der Merwe, D. Coetsee:
Learning Concept Embeddings from Temporal Data
page 1378 - 1402
Vol.24 / Issue 10
S. Ortiz-Ángeles, Y. Villuendas-Rey, I. López-Yáñez, O. Camacho-Nieto, C. Yáñez-Márquez:
Electoral Preferences Prediction of the YouGov Social Network Users Based on Computational Intelligence Algorithms
page 304 - 326
Vol.23 / Issue 3
M. Piekarczyk, M.R. Ogiela:
Hierarchical Graph-Grammar Model for Secure and Efficient Handwritten Signatures Classification
page 926 - 943
Vol.17 / Issue 6
D. Połap:
Model of Identity Verification Support System Based on Voice and Image Samples
page 460 - 474
Vol.24 / Issue 4
O.C. Sert, K. Dursun, T. Özyer, J. Jida, R. Alhajj:
The Unification and Assessment of Multi-Objective Clustering Results of Categorical Datasets with H-Confidence Metric
page 507 - 531
Vol.18 / Issue 4
Y. Villuendas-Rey, M.-D. Alanis-Tamez, C.-F. Rey Benguría, C. Yáñez-Márquez, O. Camacho-Nieto:
Medical Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases Based on a Novel Computational Intelligence Algorithm
page 775 - 796
Vol.24 / Issue 6
J.-S. Wang, J.-C. Chiang:
An Efficient Data Preprocessing Procedure for Support Vector Clustering
page 705 - 721
Vol.15 / Issue 4
A. Zygmunt, P. Bródka, P. Kazienko, J. Koźlak:
Key Person Analysis in Social Communities within the Blogosphere
page 577 - 597
Vol.18 / Issue 4