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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.3.8 - Applications

T. Huysegoms, M. Snoeck, G. Dedene, A. Goderis, F. Stumpe:
Using and Extending Formal Concept Analysis to Visualise Variability during Requirements Engineering
page 842 - 858
Vol.20 / Issue 6
T. Magal-Royo, J. García Laborda, S. Price:
A New m-Learning Scenario for a Listening Comprehension Assessment Test in Second Language Acquisition [SLA]
page 1200 - 1214
Vol.23 / Issue 12
A. Mendoza, S. Mata, L. Pastor:
Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Neural Cells from their Morphological Description
page 935 - 958
Vol.21 / Issue 7
M.M. North, S.M. North:
The Sense of Presence Exploration in Virtual Reality Therapy
page 72 - 84
Vol.24 / Issue 2
B. Rupnik, D. Mongus, B. Žalik:
Point Density Evaluation of Airborne LiDAR Datasets
page 587 - 603
Vol.21 / Issue 4
J. Thomas, P. Cowley, O. Kuchar, L. Nowell, J. Thomson, P. Chung Wong:
Discovering Knowledge Through Visual Analysis
page 517 - 529
Vol.7 / Issue 6