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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies

S. Baldassarri, F. Seron:
Coordinated System for Real Time Muscle Deformation during Locomotion
page 349 - 376
Vol.17 / Issue 3
M. Bernard, F. Jacquenet:
Free Space Modeling for Placing Rectangles without Overlapping
page 703 - 720
Vol.3 / Issue 6
J. Thomas, P. Cowley, O. Kuchar, L. Nowell, J. Thomson, P. Chung Wong:
Discovering Knowledge Through Visual Analysis
page 517 - 529
Vol.7 / Issue 6
E. Ukkonen:
Geometric Point Pattern Matching in the Knuth-Morris-Pratt Way
page 1902 - 1911
Vol.16 / Issue 14
E. A. Zanaty, M. R. Girgis:
Collect the Fitted Surfaces into Complex Based on C0 Continuity
page 1102 - 1114
Vol.11 / Issue 6

Topic I.3.2 - Graphics Systems