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Topic K. - Computing Milieux

M.T. Afzal, N. Kulathuramaiyer, H. Maurer:
Creating Links into the Future
page 1234 - 1245
Vol.13 / Issue 9
M. Bonifacio, A. Molani:
The Richness of Diversity in Knowledge Creation: An Interdisciplinary Overview
page 491 - 500
Vol.9 / Issue 6
P. A. Carlson:
Wonders of the Invisible Workplace: IT and Process Reinvention
page 256 - 271
Vol.6 / Issue 3
G. Droschl:
Communities of Practice: An Integrated Technology Perspective
page 284 - 293
Vol.10 / Issue 3
L. Efimova, J. Swaak:
Converging Knowledge Management, Training and e-learning: Scenarios to Make it Work
page 571 - 578
Vol.9 / Issue 6
K. Hori, K. Nakakoji, Y. Yamamoto, J. Ostwald:
Organic Perspectives of Knowledge Management: Knowledge Evolution through a Cycle of Knowledge Liquidization and Crystallization
page 252 - 261
Vol.10 / Issue 3
Y. Liu, D. Ginther, P. Zelhart:
How Do Frequency and Duration of Messaging Affect Impression Development in Computer-Mediated Communication?
page 893 - 914
Vol.7 / Issue 10
K. Ma, R. Sun, A. Abraham:
Toward a Module-centralized and Aspect-oriented Monitoring Framework in Clouds
page 2241 - 2265
Vol.19 / Issue 15
K. Mertins, P. Heisig, K. Alwert:
Process-oriented Knowledge Structuring
page 542 - 550
Vol.9 / Issue 6
R. Pastor, A.C. Caminero, D. Sánchez, R. Hernández, S. Ros, A. Robles-Gómez, L. Tobarra:
Laboratories as a Service (LaaS): Using Cloud Technologies in the Field of Education
page 2112 - 2126
Vol.19 / Issue 14
J.D. Patón-Romero, M.T. Baldassarre, M. Rodríguez, M. Piattini:
A Revised Framework for the Governance and Management of Green IT
page 1736 - 1760
Vol.25 / Issue 13
O. Rebollo, D. Mellado, E. Fernández-Medina:
A Systematic Review of Information Security Governance Frameworks in the Cloud Computing Environment
page 798 - 815
Vol.18 / Issue 6
S.K. Shahzad:
Ontology-based User Interface Development: User Experience Elements Pattern
page 1078 - 1088
Vol.17 / Issue 7

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