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Articles by Topics
Topic K. - Computing Milieux
Topic K.4.4 - Electronic Commerce

N. Bjørn-Andersen, L. Bloch Rasmussen, S. Rasmussen:
Web 2.0 Adoption by Danish Newspapers - Urgent Need for New Business Models?
page 692 - 703
Vol.15 / Issue 3
M. Bravetti, A. Casalboni, M. Núñez, I. Rodriguez:
From Theoretical e-Barter Models to Two Alternative Implementations Based on Web Sevices
page 2035 - 2075
Vol.13 / Issue 13
A. Bădică, C. Bădică:
Formalizing Agent-Based English Auctions Using Finite State Process Algebra
page 1118 - 1135
Vol.14 / Issue 7
C. Bădică, M. Ganzha, M. Paprzycki:
Implementing Rule-Based Automated Price Negotiation in an Agent System
page 244 - 266
Vol.13 / Issue 2
Á. Hernández-García, S. Iglesías-Pradas, J. Chaparro-Peláez, F. Pascual-Miguel:
Exploring the Attitudes and Intentions of Non-shoppers in the Acceptance of e-Commerce
page 1314 - 1328
Vol.17 / Issue 9
M. Jovic, D. Milutinovic, A. Kos, S. Tomazic:
Product Presentation Strategy for Online Customers
page 1323 - 1342
Vol.18 / Issue 10
C. Mukun, M.Y. Kiang:
BDI Agent Architecture for Multi-Strategy Selection in Automated Negotiation
page 1379 - 1404
Vol.18 / Issue 3
C. Pedrinaci, J. Domingue:
Toward the Next Wave of Services: Linked Services for the Web of Data
page 1694 - 1719
Vol.16 / Issue 13
V. Podobnik, A. Petric, G. Jezic:
An Agent-Based Solution for Dynamic Supply Chain Management
page 1080 - 1104
Vol.14 / Issue 7
A. Ruiz-Martínez, C.I. Marín-López, L. Baño-López, A.F. Gómez-Skarmeta:
A New Fair Non-repudiation Protocol for Secure Negotiation and Contract Signing
page 555 - 584
Vol.15 / Issue 3
H. Thimm, K. Boye Rasmussen:
Information Support Services for Intermediation Tasks of Collaborative Networks
page 1776 - 1800
Vol.16 / Issue 13
Z. Đurić, O. Marić, D. Gašević:
Internet Payment System: A New Payment System for Internet Transactions
page 479 - 503
Vol.13 / Issue 4