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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.5.2 - Design Methodology

D. Bhattacharyya, P. Das, T.-h. Kim, S.K. Bandyopadhyay:
Vascular Pattern Analysis towards Pervasive Palm Vein Authentication
page 1081 - 1089
Vol.15 / Issue 5
J. Biedrzycki, R. Burduk:
Integration of Decision Trees Using Distance to Centroid and to Decision Boundary
page 720 - 733
Vol.26 / Issue 6
R. Burduk, J. Biedrzycki:
Integration and Selection of Linear SVM Classifiers in Geometric Space
page 718 - 730
Vol.25 / Issue 6
F.J. Ferrer-Troyano, J.S. Aguilar-Ruiz, J.C. Riquelme:
Incremental Rule Learning and Border Examples Selection from Numerical Data Streams
page 1426 - 1439
Vol.11 / Issue 8
R.C.P. Fragoso, R.H.W. Pinheiro, G.D.C. Cavalcanti:
Data-driven Feature Selection Methods for Text Classification: an Empirical Evaluation
page 334 - 360
Vol.25 / Issue 4
C.O. Freitas, L.S. Oliveira, S.B.K. Aires, F. Bortolozzi:
Metaclasses and Zoning Mechanism Applied to Handwriting Recognition
page 211 - 223
Vol.14 / Issue 2
J. Gama, P. Medas:
Learning Decision Trees from Dynamic Data Streams
page 1353 - 1366
Vol.11 / Issue 8
I.E. Germanaitė, K. Zaleckis, R. Butleris, K. Jarmalavičienė:
Case Study of Spatial Pattern Description, Identification and Application Methodology
page 649 - 670
Vol.26 / Issue 6
N. Gronau, C. Müller, R. Korf:
KMDL - Capturing, Analysing and Improving Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes
page 452 - 472
Vol.11 / Issue 4
R.O. Abu Hana, C.O. Freitas, L.S. Oliveira, F. Bortolozzi:
Crime Scene Representation (2D, 3D, Stereoscopic Projection) and Classification
page 2953 - 2966
Vol.14 / Issue 18
C. El Hog, R. Ben Djemaa, I. Amous:
A User-Aware Approach to Provide Adaptive Web Services
page 944 - 963
Vol.20 / Issue 6
S.-W. Liou, C.-M. Wang, Y.-F. Huang:
Integrative Discovery of Multifaceted Sequence Patterns by Frame-Relayed Search and Hybrid PSO-ANN
page 742 - 764
Vol.15 / Issue 4
C. Qin, Z. Xue, Q. Feng, X. Huang:
Selecting Parameters of an Improved Doubly Regularized Support Vector Machine based on Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
page 603 - 618
Vol.23 / Issue 7
P. Sobolewski, M. Woźniak:
Concept Drift Detection and Model Selection with Simulated Recurrence and Ensembles of Statistical Detectors
page 462 - 483
Vol.19 / Issue 4
J. Torres-Niño, A. Rodríguez-González, R. Colomo-Palacios, E. Jiménez-Domingo, G. Alor-Hernandez:
Improving Accuracy of Decision Trees Using Clustering Techniques
page 484 - 500
Vol.19 / Issue 4
B. Trawiński:
Evolutionary Fuzzy System Ensemble Approach to Model Real Estate Market based on Data Stream Exploration
page 539 - 562
Vol.19 / Issue 4
T. Zeng, C. Tang, Y. Xiang, P. Chen, Y. Liu:
A Model of Immune Gene Expression Programming for Rule Mining
page 1484 - 1497
Vol.13 / Issue 10

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