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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.1.1 - Expressions and Their Representation

A. Armando, S. Ranise:
A Practical Extension Mechanism for Decision Procedures: the Case Study of Universal Presburger Arithmetic
page 124 - 140
Vol.7 / Issue 2
V. Ciric, A. Cvetkovic, I. Milentijevic, O. Vojinovic:
All-Pairs Shortest Paths Algorithm for Regular 2D Mesh Topologies
page 1437 - 1455
Vol.22 / Issue 10
I.A. Durand, S.R. Schwer:
A Tool for Reasoning about Qualitative Temporal Information: the Theory of S-languages with a Lisp Implementation
page 3282 - 3306
Vol.14 / Issue 20
S. M. Markov, Y. Akyildiz:
Curve Fitting and Interpolation of Biological Data Under Uncertainties
page 58 - 69
Vol.2 / Issue 2
S. M. Markov:
On Directed Interval Arithmetic and its Applications
page 514 - 526
Vol.1 / Issue 7
E. D. Popova:
Algebraic Solutions to a Class of Interval Equations
page 48 - 67
Vol.4 / Issue 1
S. R. Schwer:
Reasoning with Intervals on Granules
page 793 - 808
Vol.8 / Issue 8