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Volume 1

Content of Issue 7
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-001-07
Managing Editor's Column H. Maurer 435
Foreword - Special Issue "Real Numbers and Computers" J.-C. Bajard, D. Michelucci, J.-M. Moreau, J.-M. Muller 436
A High Radix On-line Arithmetic for Credible and Accurate Computing T. Lynch, M. J. Schulte 439
Estimation of Round-off Errors on Several Computers Architectures J. Asserrhine, J.-M. Chesneaux, J.-L. Lamotte 454
Round-off Error Propagation in the Solution of the Heat Equation by finite Differences F. Jézéquel 469
LCF: A Lexicographic Binary Representation of the Rationals P. Kornerup, D. W. Matula 484
Exact Statistics and Continued Fractions D. Lester 504
On Directed Interval Arithmetic and its Applications S. M. Markov 514
MSB-First Digit Serial Arithmetic A. Munk Nielsen, P. Kornerup 527
Some Algorithms Providing Rigorous Bounds for the Eigenvalues of a Matrix R. Pavec 548
On a Formally Correct Implementation of IEEE Computer Arithmetic E. D. Popova 560