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Articles by Topics
Topic C. - Computer Systems Organization
Topic C.0 - GENERAL

D. Karahoca, A. Karahoca, A. Kurnaz:
Analyzing Communication Dimensions in a Ubiquitous Learning Environment
page 124 - 145
Vol.22 / Issue 1
D. Karahoca:
Meta-Cognitive Tool Development for History Teaching: Investigating how Software Usability Affects Student Achievements
page 619 - 638
Vol.19 / Issue 5
J.E.B. Moss, R. Rajwar:
Atomicity as a First-Class System Provision
page 651 - 660
Vol.11 / Issue 5
M. Topaloglu, D. Kırar:
Developing a BYOD Scale to Measure the Readiness Level: Validity and Reliability Analyses
page 1113 - 1131
Vol.23 / Issue 12