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Volume 5 / Issue 6

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Dear Readers:

This issue (November 1999) is the last that appears in 1999 (the December issue will come out sometime in Jannuary as usual), so it is time for my sincere seasonal greetings, wishes and thanks! All the best, and please keep supporting J.UCS. And indeed, we have come to an important juncture and your help is needed:

J.UCS has been free of charge, so far. However, it was announced from the very beginning that eventually J.UCS will only be available for a charge. This is now taking effect starting with the Jannuary issue of the year 2000. Back issues are left open for the next few months so that authors and readers can get an impression of the journal, but even access to back issues will eventually be restricted to paying customers.

It is possible to subscribe to J.UCS on an annual basis for one person (Category A), as one university campus or subnet thereof (Category B) or as company / commercial organization (Category C). For details on those categories see subscription page at http://www.iicm.edu/jucs_subscription.html . In the categories B and C you have the option of either accessing a central J.UCS server (based on the IP numbers or (sub)domain(s) you specify, i.e. WITHOUT need for a password or of installing J.UCS on a special intranet server the software of which is made available to you free of charge: the second alternative has a few restrictions, requires a little bit of installations and maintenance work and is recommended only if your connectivity to the central J.UCS server is very poor: if you want to pursue this option please send an email to info@jucs.org .

We hope that you will be willing to further support J.UCS by subscribing as soon as possible: please look at the subscription page http://www.iicm.edu/jucs_subscription.html right now and follow instructions on how to subscribe.

Also, please do not forget to send us or solicit the sending of good contributions, will you? Thank you!

Yours cordially,

Hermann Maurer, Managing Editor
(Acting for the three Editors in Chief, C.Calude, A.Salomaa and H.Maurer)

Graz University of Technology, Graz / Austria
email: hmaurer@iicm.edu