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Volume 16

Content of Issue 5
DOI: 10.3217/jucs-016-05
Seventy Years Derick Wood H. Jürgensen, H. Maurer, A. Salomaa, S. Yu 577
On Succinct Representations of Textured Surfaces by Weighted Finite Automata J. Albert, G. Tischler 586
Investigating a Correlation between Subcellular Localization and Fold of Proteins J. Aßfalg, J. Gong, H.-P. Kriegel, A. Pryakhin, T. Wei, A. Zimek 604
NP-completeness and FPT Results for Rectilinear Covering Problems V. Estivill-Castro, A. Heednacram, F. Suraweera 622
Orthogonal Concatenation: Language Equations and State Complexity M. Daley, M. Domaratzki, K. Salomaa 653
The Tourist in the Shopping Arcade R. Fleischer, T. Kamphans, R. Klein, E. Langetepe, G. Trippen 676
Reachability in Restricted Walk on Integers P. Ginzboorg, V. Niemi 686
On the Linear Number of Matching Substrings Y.-S. Han 715
Algebras and Update Strategies M. Johnson, R. Rosebrugh, R. Wood 729
Entropy and Higher Moments of Information H. Jürgensen, D.E. Matthews 749
A Note on the P-completeness of Deterministic One-way Stack Language K.-J. Lange 795
SOM Clustering to Promote Interoperability of Directory Metadata: A Grid-Enabled Genetic Algorithm Approach L. Li, V.K. Vaishnavi, A. Vandenberg 800
Ordered Catenation Closures and Decompositions of Languages Related to a Language of Derick Wood A. Salomaa 821
Evaluating Linear XPath Expressions by Pattern-Matching Automata P. Silvasti, S. Sippu, E. Soisalon-Soininen 833
Detecting Market Trends by Ignoring It, Some Days J. Wenhui Zou, X. Deng, M. Li (II) 852
Derick Wood's Publications H. Jürgensen 862