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Volume 1

Content of Issue 1
MPEG and Multimedia Metadata Community Workshop
Results 2005
M. Lux, M. Jarke, H. Kosch 1
Analysis of the Data Quality of Audio Features of Environmental Sounds D. Mitrovic, M. Zeppelzauer, H. Eidenberger 4
MPEG-7 meets Multimedia Database Systems M. Döller 18
A Description Infrastructure for Audiovisual Media Processing Systems Based on MPEG-7 P. Schallauer, W. Bailer, G. Thallinger 26
MPEG-7 Compliant Community Hosting R. Klamma, M. Spaniol, Y. Cao 36
Exploitation of MPEG-7 Descriptions on Multi-modal Meeting Data: First Results within MISTRAL Project V.M. García-Barrios, C. Gütl 45
On the Complexity of Annotation with the High Level Metadata M. Lux, W. Klieber, M. Granitzer 54
Content of Issue 2
Learning Software Organisations and Requirements Engineering: First International Workshop
(LSO+RE 2006)
A. Birk, T. Dingsøyr, S.N. Lindstaedt, K. Schneider 59
Requirements Management in Distributed Projects D. Šmite 69
The Value of the Quality Gateway M.P. Werner 77
A Case Study on Overcoming the Requirements Tar Pit S. Fricker, M. Glinz, P. Kolb 85
Understanding Requirements through Filtering, Negotiating and Shifting P. Ovaska, M. Rossi, K. Smolander 99
Learning to Tailor Documentation of Software Requirements E. Knauss, D. Lübke, T. Flohr 103
The Requirements Engineering Gap in the OEM-Supplier Relationship C. Allmann, L. Winkler, T. Kölzow 112
The Role of Learning in RE
— Position Paper —
F. Houdek 123
Learning from own Experience and Advices in Literature A. Herrmann 130
Using Requirements Engineering (RE) Patterns for Organizational Learning L. Hagge, K. Lappe 137
Content of Issue 3
Reflections on Knowledge Management K. Tochtermann, G. Dösinger 149
Seeing versus Arguing
The Moderating Role of Collaborative Visualization in Team Knowledge Integration
J. Mengis, M.J. Eppler 151
Roadmapping as a Knowledge Creation Process:
The PROLEARN Roadmap
V. Kamtsiou, A. Naeve, L.K. Stergioulas, T. Koskinen 163
Virtual Entrepreneurship Lab 2.0: Sharing Entrepreneurial Knowledge by Non-Linear Story-Telling R. Klamma, M. Spaniol, D. Renzel 174
Consensus Building in Collaborative Ontology Engineering Processes S. Karapiperis, D. Apostolou 199
Towards a Model for Creating Comparable Intellectual Capital Reports M. Nemetz 217
Portability of Best Practice Cases for Knowledge Management Introduction M. Hefke, A. Abecker, K. Jäger 235
Toward a Project Learning Organization: a Multifaceted View R. Cuel, F. Manfredi 255
Performance Solution of SOA Infrastructure for Knowledge Computing M. Kubásek, J. Pavlovič, T. Gregar 271