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Volume 1

Content of Issue 3
Reflections on Knowledge Management K. Tochtermann, G. Dösinger 149
Seeing versus Arguing
The Moderating Role of Collaborative Visualization in Team Knowledge Integration
J. Mengis, M.J. Eppler 151
Roadmapping as a Knowledge Creation Process:
The PROLEARN Roadmap
V. Kamtsiou, A. Naeve, L.K. Stergioulas, T. Koskinen 163
Virtual Entrepreneurship Lab 2.0: Sharing Entrepreneurial Knowledge by Non-Linear Story-Telling R. Klamma, M. Spaniol, D. Renzel 174
Consensus Building in Collaborative Ontology Engineering Processes S. Karapiperis, D. Apostolou 199
Towards a Model for Creating Comparable Intellectual Capital Reports M. Nemetz 217
Portability of Best Practice Cases for Knowledge Management Introduction M. Hefke, A. Abecker, K. Jäger 235
Toward a Project Learning Organization: a Multifaceted View R. Cuel, F. Manfredi 255
Performance Solution of SOA Infrastructure for Knowledge Computing M. Kubásek, J. Pavlovič, T. Gregar 271