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Aims and Scope

J.UKM - The Journal of Universal Knowledge Management - is a high-quality electronic publication that has its thematic focus on all aspects of Knowledge management. This includes human-oriented, organisational and technology-oriented aspects of knowledge management, alike.

J.UKM has its origin in the successful electronic Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS). J.UKM will appear bi-monthly.

J.UKM is a joint publication of the Know-Center, Graz, Austria, in cooperation with the IICM, Graz University of Technology, Austria, and Springer Pub. Co. Papers submitted to J.UKM are refereed by members of the board of reviewers. This board contains some of the most renowned specialists in knowledge management. In this way, the high standard of the published papers is guaranteed. J.UKM is led by an editorial board of four internationally recognised experts in knowledge management:


After the initiation phase of J.UKM full papers will only be accessible to paying subscribers. The abstract of all papers will remain open to everyone.


Publishing papers in J.UKM has a number of advantages compared to publications in traditional media: (i) the time span between submission and publication is much shorter in most cases than in printed media (about 6 to 8 months on the average), (ii) the number of pages as well as the number of papers published in each issue can be varied considerably and according to the need of the authors and the topics of the issues, (iii) the location of published paper is easy: in J.UKM, all papers can be searched by titles, authors and keywords or accessed directly by the table of contents.

The procedure for submissions of papers will open in August 2005.

Special Issues

J.UKM is an excellent platform for the publication of special issues. Special issues are widely used to publish e.g. a collection of papers presented at a conference, workshop or as a special anniversary issue on certain occasions. Guest editors interested in the publication of special issues can contact us jukm@know-center.at to discuss the details of a special issue publication. You can find general guidelines for the publication of special issues at: http://www.jukm.org/jukm_info/special