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Volume 0

Content of Issue 1
New Trends in Knowledge Management K. Tochtermann 1
A Review of Survey Research in Knowledge Management Performance A.-P. Chen, M.-Y. Chen 4
Competence Based Business Development - Organizational Competencies as Basis for Successful Companies B. Schmiedinger, K. Valentin, E. Stephan 13
Knowledge Management for Competence Management G. Berio, M. Harzallah 21
Knowledge Management in Challenging Settings - A Case of Military Aircraft D. Mayrhofer, P. Heilmeier, R. Nirankari, A. Back 29
Inter-Organizational Knowledge Community Building: Sustaining or Overcoming the Organizational Boundaries? T. Müller-Prothmann, A. Siegberg, I. Finke 39
Semi-Automatic Ontology Extension Using Spreading Activation W. Liu, A. Weichselbraun, A. Scharl, E. Chang 50
Stafford Beer's Syntegration as a Renascence of the Ancient Greek Agora in Present-day Organizations G. Nittbaur 59
Implementation of an Intellectual Capital Management System: Evaluation of a "Bottom-Up" Approach R. Reinhardt 67
Content of Issue 2
Knowledge Infrastructures for the Support of Knowledge Intensive Business Processes M. Strohmaier, S.N. Lindstaedt 1
Challenges for Business Process and Task Management U.V. Riss, A. Rickayzen, H. Maus, W.M. van der Aalst 77
From Lightweight, Proactive Information Delivery to Business Process-Oriented Knowledge Management H. Holz, H. Maus, A. Bernardi, O. Rostanin 101
Considering the Knowledge Factor in Agile Software Development C. Müller, J. Bahrs, N. Gronau 128
Towards Self-Organizing Knowledge Intensive Processes C. Richter-von Hagen, D. Ratz, R. Povalej 148
Impulse: Using Knowledge Visualization in Business Process Oriented Knowledge Infrastructures R. Aslak Burkhard 170