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Volume 0 / Issue 2

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Impulse: Using Knowledge Visualization in Business Process Oriented Knowledge Infrastructures

Remo Aslak Burkhard (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Abstract: This article aims to stimulate research on business process oriented knowledge infrastructures by pointing to the power of visualizations. It claims that business process oriented knowledge infrastructure research is stuck and therefore needs to reinvent and revitalize itself with new impulses. One such stimulus is the use of visualization techniques in business process oriented knowledge infrastructures, with the aim to improve knowledge transfer, knowledge communication, and knowledge creation. First, this article presents an overview on related visualization research. Second, it proposes the Knowledge Visualization Framework as a theoretical backbone where business process oriented knowledge infrastructure research can anchor itself. The framework points to the key questions that need to be answered when visual methods are used in business process oriented knowledge infrastructures. Finally, the article compares the Tube Map Visualization with the Gantt Chart, and proves that the new format excels the traditional approach in regards to various tasks. The findings from the evaluation of 44 interviews indicates that the Project Tube Map is more effective for (1) drawing attention and keeping interest, (2) presenting overview and detail, (3) visualizing who is collaborating with whom, (4) motivating people to participate in the project, and (5) increasing recall. The results presented in this paper are important for researchers and practitioners in the fields of Knowledge Management, Knowledge Visualization, Project Management, and Visual Communication Sciences.

Keywords: business process oriented knowledge infrastructures, knowledge visualization, knowledge visualization projects, tube map visualization

Categories: H.5.2, H.5.3