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Volume 0 / Issue 2

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From Lightweight, Proactive Information Delivery to Business Process-Oriented Knowledge Management

Harald Holz (DFKI GmbH - German Research Center for AI, Germany)

Heiko Maus (DFKI GmbH - German Research Center for AI, Germany)

Ansgar Bernardi (DFKI GmbH - German Research Center for AI, Germany)

Oleg Rostanin (DFKI GmbH - German Research Center for AI, Germany)

Abstract: Knowledge work processes consist of interleaved agile, weakly-structured processes and strictly-structured processes. Knowledge management approaches for weakly-structured, ad-hoc knowledge work processes need to be lightweight, i.e., they cannot rely on high upfront modeling effort. However, approaches for business process-oriented knowledge management require intensive modeling activities. In this paper, we introduce a bottom-up strategy for proactive information delivery to cover the complete spectrum of knowledge work processes in different phases, and present a series of prototypes realizing selected phases of this strategy. Among these is a novel prototype for supporting weakly-structured processes by integrating a standard to-do list application with a state-of-the-art document classification system. The resulting system allows for a task-oriented view on an office worker's personal knowledge space in order to realize a proactive and context-sensitive information support during her daily, knowledge-intensive tasks.

Keywords: agile workflows, personal knowledge space, proactive information delivery, weakly-structured workflows

Categories: H.3.3, I.2.0