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Articles by Category
H. - Information Systems
H.3.3 - Information Search and Retrieval

M. Döller:
MPEG-7 meets Multimedia Database Systems
page 18 - 25
Vol.1 / Issue 1
H. Holz, H. Maus, A. Bernardi, O. Rostanin:
From Lightweight, Proactive Information Delivery to Business Process-Oriented Knowledge Management
page 101 - 127
Vol.0 / Issue 2
W. Liu, A. Weichselbraun, A. Scharl, E. Chang:
Semi-Automatic Ontology Extension Using Spreading Activation
page 50 - 58
Vol.0 / Issue 1
M. Lux, W. Klieber, M. Granitzer:
On the Complexity of Annotation with the High Level Metadata
page 54 - 58
Vol.1 / Issue 1
D. Mitrovic, M. Zeppelzauer, H. Eidenberger:
Analysis of the Data Quality of Audio Features of Environmental Sounds
page 4 - 17
Vol.1 / Issue 1
P. Schallauer, W. Bailer, G. Thallinger:
A Description Infrastructure for Audiovisual Media Processing Systems Based on MPEG-7
page 26 - 35
Vol.1 / Issue 1