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Volume 1 / Issue 1

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A Description Infrastructure for Audiovisual Media Processing Systems Based on MPEG-7

Peter Schallauer (JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria)

Werner Bailer (JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria)

Georg Thallinger (JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria)

Abstract: We present a case study of establishing a description infrastructure for media processing systems. The description infrastructure consists of an internal metadata model and access tools for using it. Based on an analysis of requirements, we selected, out of a set of candidates, MPEG-7 as the basis of our metadata model. The openness and generality of MPEG-7 allow using it in a broad range of applications, but increase complexity and hinder interoperability. Profiling has been proposed as a solution, with the focus on selecting and constraining description tools. We have defined the Detailed Audiovisual Profile as the profile to be used in our metadata model which includes semantic constraints in order to ensure interoperability between MPEG-7 based systems. For practical work with the metadata model, we have implemented a MPEG-7 library and a client/server document access infrastructure.

Keywords: MPEG-7, content analysis, content description, metadata, profile, semantics

Categories: H.3.1, H.3.2, H.3.3, H.3.7, H.5.1