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Volume 1 / Issue 3

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Portability of Best Practice Cases for Knowledge Management Introduction

Mark Hefke (University Karlsruhe, Germany)

Andreas Abecker (University Karlsruhe, Germany)

Knut Jäger (University Karlsruhe, Germany)

Abstract: This paper investigates the question which indicators are suited to characterize Best Practice Cases (BPCs) for Knowledge Management (KM) introduction projects such that the portability of these BPCs to other organisations can be estimated. We scanned relevant KM literature and web pages for generating a basic set of indicators and verified these indicators through an open internet survey (n=103). To this end, we developed a web-based questionnaire where the respondents could prioritize the proposed indicators and assign them to one or more predefined classification schemes. We distinguished between indicators for the general description of an organisation, critical KM success factors, and indicators for the transferability of KM BPCs to other organisations. The evaluated results of the survey were used as an input for the development of an ontology-based reference model for describing KM BPCs.

Keywords: best practice case, case-based reasoning, knowledge management

Categories: A.1, H.1