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Articles by Topics
Topic C. - Computer Systems Organization
Topic C.2.m - Miscellaneous

M. Ali, M. Pant, A.K. Nagar, C.W. Ahn:
Two Local Search Strategies for Differential Evolution
page 1853 - 1870
Vol.18 / Issue 13
M. Cankar, M. Artač, M. Šterk, U. Lotrič, B. Slivnik:
Co-Allocation with Collective Requests in Grid Systems
page 282 - 300
Vol.19 / Issue 3
H. Huang, D. Zhang, Y. Zhu, M. Li, M.-Y. Wu:
A Metropolitan Taxi Mobility Model from Real GPS Traces
page 1072 - 1092
Vol.18 / Issue 9
M.J. Fernández Iglesias, L.M. Álvarez Sabucedo:
From Analog to Digital Television; Strategies to Promote Rapid Adaptation and Awareness
page 1056 - 1074
Vol.16 / Issue 8
D. Pérez-González, R. Díaz-Díaz:
Public Services Provided with ICT in the Smart City Environment: The Case of Spanish Cities
page 248 - 267
Vol.21 / Issue 2
K. Salah, M. Hamawi:
Impact of CPU-bound Processes on IP Forwarding of Linux and Windows XP
page 3299 - 3313
Vol.16 / Issue 21
K. Salah, M.-A.-R. Al-Khiaty, R. Ahmed, A. Mahdi:
Performance Evaluation of Snort under Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008
page 1605 - 1622
Vol.17 / Issue 11
D. Vega, R. Meseguer, F. Freitag, S.F. Ochoa:
Understanding Collaboration in Volunteer Computing Systems
page 1738 - 1765
Vol.20 / Issue 13