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Articles by Topics
Topic B. - Hardware
Topic B.7.2 - Design Aids

T. Biondi, A. Ciccazzo, V. Cutello, S. D'Antona, G. Nicosia, S. Spinella:
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms and Pattern Search Methods for Circuit Design Problems
page 432 - 449
Vol.12 / Issue 4
V. Ciric, A. Cvetkovic, I. Milentijevic, O. Vojinovic:
All-Pairs Shortest Paths Algorithm for Regular 2D Mesh Topologies
page 1437 - 1455
Vol.22 / Issue 10
F. He, G. Yang, L. Cheng, X. Song, M. Gu, J. Sun:
On Theoretical Upper Bound for Routing Estimation
page 916 - 925
Vol.11 / Issue 6
F. Lu, L.-C. Wang, J. Moondanos, Z. Hanna:
A Signal Correlation Guided Circuit-SAT Solver
page 1629 - 1654
Vol.10 / Issue 12
R.M.M. Rodrigues, J.M.P. Cardoso:
On Pipelining Sequences of Data-Dependent Loops
page 419 - 439
Vol.13 / Issue 3
S. Sasaki, T. Nishihara, D. Ando, M. Fujita:
Hardware/Software Co-design and Verification Methodology from System Level Based on System Dependence Graph
page 1972 - 2001
Vol.13 / Issue 13