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Articles by Topics
Topic M. - Knowledge Management

D.J. Cook:
Health Monitoring and Assistance to Support Aging in Place
page 15 - 29
Vol.12 / Issue 1
N. Delilovic, H. Maurer:
A Note Concerning Feedback and Queries for Web Pages
page 733 - 739
Vol.25 / Issue 7
J.M. Dodero, S. Sánchez-Alonso, D. Frosch-Wilke:
Generative Instructional Engineering of Competence Development Programmes
page 1213 - 1233
Vol.13 / Issue 9
D. Dudek:
The APS Framework For Incremental Learning of Software Agents
page 2263 - 2287
Vol.14 / Issue 14
M. Fahad, N. Moalla, A. Bouras, M. Abdul Qadir, M. Farukh:
Towards Classification of Web Ontologies for the Emerging Semantic Web
page 1021 - 1042
Vol.17 / Issue 7
C. García-Moreno, Y. Hernández-González, M.Á. Rodríguez-García, J.A. Miñarro-Giménez, R. Valencia-García, A. Almela:
A Semantic based Platform for Research and Development Projects Management in the ICT Domain
page 1914 - 1939
Vol.19 / Issue 13
A. Ghanbarpour, H. Naderi:
Survey on Ranking Functions in Keyword Search over Graph-Structured Data
page 361 - 389
Vol.25 / Issue 4
D. Helic:
Formal Representations of Learning Scenarios: A Methodology to Configure E-Learning Systems
page 504 - 531
Vol.13 / Issue 4
V. Janev, S. Vraneš:
Ontology-based Competency Management: the Case Study of the Mihajlo Pupin Institute
page 1089 - 1108
Vol.17 / Issue 7
S. Lohmann, J. Niesenhaus, P. Heim, J. Ziegler:
Fostering Knowledge Flow and Community Engagement in the Development of Interactive Entertainment
page 1722 - 1734
Vol.15 / Issue 8
J. Martinez-Gil, I. Navas-Delgado, J.F. Aldana-Montes:
MaF: An Ontology Matching Framework
page 194 - 217
Vol.18 / Issue 2
R. Barbosa Sousa Orrego, J.L.V. Barbosa:
A Model for Resource Management in Smart Cities Based on Crowdsourcing and Gamification
page 1018 - 1038
Vol.25 / Issue 8
N. Ikram Qazi, M. Abdul Qadir:
Algorithms for the Evaluation of Ontologies for Extended Error Taxonomy and their Application on Large Ontologies
page 1005 - 1020
Vol.17 / Issue 7
C. Sanin, E. Szczerbicki, C. Toro:
An OWL Ontology of Set of Experience Knowledge Structure
page 209 - 223
Vol.13 / Issue 2