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Articles by Topics
Topic B. - Hardware
Topic B.6.3 - Design Aids

E. Cantó, M. Fons, F. Fons, M. López, R. Ramos:
Fast Self-Reconfigurable Embedded System on Spartan-3
page 301 - 324
Vol.19 / Issue 3
P. E. Dunne, P. H. Leng:
The Average Case Performance of an Algorithm for Demand-Driven Evaluation of Boolean Formulae
page 288 - 306
Vol.5 / Issue 5
V. Dvořák, P. Mikušek:
Design of Arbiters and Allocators Based on Multi-Terminal BDDs
page 1826 - 1852
Vol.16 / Issue 14
J. Kokila, N. Ramasubramanian, R. Thamma:
Dynamic Estimation of Temporary Failure in SoC FPGAs for Heterogeneous Applications
page 1776 - 1799
Vol.24 / Issue 12
N.M. Mendes Alves, S. de Mello Schneider:
Implementation of an Embedded Hardware Description Language Using Haskell
page 795 - 812
Vol.9 / Issue 8
L. Prechelt:
Why We Need an Explicit Forum for Negative Results
page 1074 - 1083
Vol.3 / Issue 9
L. Prechelt:
The Forum for Negative Results (FNR)
Guest Editorial
page 2748 - 2749
Vol.18 / Issue 20
A. Rosado-Muñoz, L. Gomez-Chova, L. Gomez-Chova, J. Vila Francés:
An IP Core and GUI for Implementing Multilayer Perceptron with a Fuzzy Activation Function on Configurable Logic Devices
page 1678 - 1694
Vol.14 / Issue 10
M. Sheeran:
Hardware Design and Functional Programming: a Perfect Match
page 1135 - 1158
Vol.11 / Issue 7