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Articles by Topics
Topic M. - Knowledge Management

M. Bertoni, K. Chirumalla:
Leveraging Web 2.0 in New Product Development: Lessons Learned from a Cross-company Study
page 548 - 564
Vol.17 / Issue 4
S. Colucci, T. Di Noia, E. Di Sciascio, F.M. Donini, A. Ragone:
Semantic-based Skill Management for Automated Task Assignment and Courseware Composition
page 1184 - 1212
Vol.13 / Issue 9
A. Comi, M.J. Eppler:
Assessing the Impact of Visual Facilitation on Inter-Organizational Collaboration: An Experimental Study
page 1430 - 1454
Vol.17 / Issue 10
O. Corcho, A. Gómez-Pérez:
ODEDialect: a Set of Declarative Languages for Implementing Ontology Translation Systems
page 1805 - 1834
Vol.13 / Issue 12
H.M. Teixeira Filho, L. Guerreiro Azevedo, S.W. Matsui Siqueira:
IntelliGOV - A Semantic Approach for Compliance Validation of Service-Oriented Architectures
page 1048 - 1071
Vol.22 / Issue 8
D. Lin, P. Geißler, S. Ehrlich, E. Schoop:
IDEA: A Framework for a Knowledge-based Enterprise 2.0
page 515 - 531
Vol.17 / Issue 4
S. Lohmann, J. Niesenhaus, P. Heim, J. Ziegler:
Fostering Knowledge Flow and Community Engagement in the Development of Interactive Entertainment
page 1722 - 1734
Vol.15 / Issue 8
G. Matturro, A. Silva:
A Model for Capturing and Managing Software Engineering Knowledge and Experience
page 479 - 505
Vol.16 / Issue 3
N. Ikram Qazi, M. Abdul Qadir:
Algorithms for the Evaluation of Ontologies for Extended Error Taxonomy and their Application on Large Ontologies
page 1005 - 1020
Vol.17 / Issue 7