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Articles by Topics
Topic I. - Computing Methodologies
Topic I.2.m - Miscellaneous

A. Danylenko, J. Lundberg, W. Löwe:
Decisions: Algebra, Implementation, and First Experiments
page 1174 - 1231
Vol.20 / Issue 9
B. Fernandes, F. Silva, C. Analide, J. Neves:
Crowd Sensing for Urban Security in Smart Cities
page 302 - 321
Vol.24 / Issue 3
M. Lanzenberger, J. Sampson, M. Rester:
Ontology Visualization: Tools and Techniques for Visual Representation of Semi-Structured Meta-Data
page 1036 - 1054
Vol.16 / Issue 7
A.C. Olivera, M. Frutos, J.A. Carballido, N.B. Brignole:
Bus Network Optimization with a Time-Dependent Hybrid Algorithm
page 2512 - 2531
Vol.14 / Issue 15