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Articles by Topics
Topic H. - Information Systems
Topic H.3.0 - General

P. Cáceres, A. Sierra-Alonso, C.E. Cuesta, B. Vela, J.M. Cavero:
Modelling and Linking Accessibility Data in the Public Bus Network
page 777 - 795
Vol.21 / Issue 6
T.H. Duong, G.S. Jo, J.J. Jung, N.T. Nguyen:
Complexity Analysis of Ontology Integration Methodologies:a Comparative Study
page 877 - 897
Vol.15 / Issue 4
S. Estévez, M.E. Cambronero, Y. García-Ruiz, L. Llana:
Mobile Applications for People with Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Search in App Stores and Content Review
page 740 - 763
Vol.25 / Issue 7
T.P. Ho, H.-S. Kang, S.-R. Kim:
Graph-based KNN Algorithm for Spam SMS Detection
page 2404 - 2419
Vol.19 / Issue 16
V. Janev, S. Vraneš:
The Role of Knowledge Management Solutions in Enterprise Business Processes
page 526 - 545
Vol.11 / Issue 4
N. Kulathuramaiyer, W.-T. Balke:
Restricting the View and Connecting the Dots — Dangers of a Web Search Engine Monopoly
page 1731 - 1740
Vol.12 / Issue 12
J.B. Lee, G. Cabunducan, F.G.C. Cabarle, R. Castillo, J.A. Malinao:
Uncovering the Social Dynamics of Online Elections
page 487 - 505
Vol.18 / Issue 4
M. Memmel, M. Kockler, R. Schirru:
Providing Multi Source Tag Recommendations in a Social Resource Sharing Platform
page 678 - 691
Vol.15 / Issue 3
E. Moench, M. Ullrich, H.-P. Schnurr, J. Angele:
SemanticMiner - Ontology-Based Knowledge Retrieval
page 682 - 696
Vol.9 / Issue 7
T. Mueller-Prothmann, I. Finke:
SELaKT - Social Network Analysis as a Method for Expert Localisation and Sustainable Knowledge Transfer
page 691 - 701
Vol.10 / Issue 6
T. O'Sullivan, J. O'Donoghue, J. Herbert, R. Studdert:
CAMMD: Context-Aware Mobile Medical Devices
page 45 - 58
Vol.12 / Issue 1
J. Parapar, D.E. Losada, Á. Barreiro:
Combining Psycho-linguistic, Content-based and Chat-based Features to Detect Predation in Chatrooms
page 213 - 239
Vol.20 / Issue 2
L. Wei, E. Keogh, X. Xi, S. Lonardi:
Integrating Lite-Weight but Ubiquitous Data Mining into GUI Operating Systems
page 1820 - 1834
Vol.11 / Issue 11