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Articles by Topics
Topic G. - Mathematics of Computing
Topic G.1.5 - Roots of Nonlinear Equations

D. Ştef─ânescu:
New Bounds for Positive Roots of Polynomials
page 2125 - 2131
Vol.11 / Issue 12
A.G. Akritas:
Linear and Quadratic Complexity Bounds on the Values of the Positive Roots of Polynomials
page 523 - 537
Vol.15 / Issue 3
A.G. Akritas, P.S. Vigklas:
A Comparison of Various Methods for Computing Bounds for Positive Roots of Polynomials
page 455 - 467
Vol.13 / Issue 4
J.E. de Almeida Ayres, L.H. de Figueiredo:
Interval Methods for Fixed and Periodic Points: Development and Visualization
page 1312 - 1330
Vol.26 / Issue 10
E. D. Popova:
Algebraic Solutions to a Class of Interval Equations
page 48 - 67
Vol.4 / Issue 1
M. Xu, C. Mu, Z. Zeng, Z.-b. Li:
A Heuristic Approach to Positive Root Isolation for Multiple Power Sums
page 1912 - 1926
Vol.16 / Issue 14