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Articles by Topics
Topic D. - Software
Topic D.4.7 - Organization and Design

G. Ascia, V. Catania, M. Palesi:
A Multi-objective Genetic Approach to Mapping Problem on Network-on-Chip
page 370 - 394
Vol.12 / Issue 4
H. Dong, F. Khadeer Hussain, E. Chang:
ORPMS: An Ontology-based Real-time Project Monitoring System in the Cloud
page 1161 - 1182
Vol.17 / Issue 8
H.M. Fardoun, B. Zafar, A.H. Altalhi, A. Paules:
Interactive Design System for Schools using Cloud Computing
page 950 - 964
Vol.19 / Issue 7
H.M. Fardoun, A. Mashat, S.R. López:
Applying Professional Solutions within the Educational Environments by Means of Cloud Computing: Coaching for Teachers
page 1703 - 1717
Vol.19 / Issue 12
L. Fuentes, N. Gámez:
Configuration Process of a Software Product Line for AmI Middleware
page 1592 - 1611
Vol.16 / Issue 12
M. Micheletto, R. Santos, J. Orozco:
Scheduling Mandatory-Optional Real-Time Tasks in Homogeneous Multi-Core Systems with Energy Constraints Using Bio-Inspired Meta-Heuristics
page 390 - 417
Vol.25 / Issue 4
E.-R. Olderog, H. Dierks:
Moby/RT: A Tool for Specification and Verification of Real-Time Systems
page 88 - 105
Vol.9 / Issue 2
M. Ouimet, K. Lundqvist:
The Timed Abstract State Machine Language: Abstract State Machines for Real-Time System Engineering
page 2007 - 2033
Vol.14 / Issue 12