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Articles by Topics
Topic B. - Hardware
Topic B.4.3 - Interconnections (Subsystems)

G. Ascia, V. Catania, M. Palesi:
A Multi-objective Genetic Approach to Mapping Problem on Network-on-Chip
page 370 - 394
Vol.12 / Issue 4
L. Silva Junior, N. Nedjah, L. de Macedo Mourelle:
ACO-based Algorithms for Search and Optimization of Routes in NoC Platform
page 917 - 936
Vol.18 / Issue 7
N. Karimi, A. Alaghi, M. Sedghi, Z. Navabi:
Online Network-on-Chip Switch Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Functional Switch Faults
page 3716 - 3736
Vol.14 / Issue 22
M. Palesi, R. Tornero, J.M. Orduñna, V. Catania, D. Panno:
Designing Robust Routing Algorithms and Mapping Cores in Networks-on-Chip: A Multi-objective Evolutionary-based Approach
page 937 - 969
Vol.18 / Issue 7
T. Vince, M. Bereš, I. Kováčová, J. Molnár, B. Fecko, J. Dziak, I. Tomčiková, M. Guzan:
IoT Implementation in Remote Measuring Laboratory VMLab Analyses
page 1402 - 1421
Vol.26 / Issue 11

Nedjah Nadia