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Submission Procedure
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Keywords - W

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD D.2.5
Walk-throughs, Code inspections and [Software Engineering]
SD I.5.4
Waveform analysis [Pattern Recognition]
SD I.4.4
Wiener filtering [Image Processing]
SD D.4.9
Window managers [Operating Systems]
SD H.5.2
Windowing systems
SD H.4.1
Word processing [Office Automation]
SD K.8.1
Word processing [Personal Computing]
SD D.2.2
Workbench, Programmer
SD A.0
Works, General literary
SD C.5.3
Workstation [Computer System Implementation]
SD K.6.5
Worms [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.4.6
Worms [Operating Systems]
SD B.2.2
Worst-case analysis [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
SD B.4.4
Worst-case analysis [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD B.3.3
Worst-case analysis [Memory Structures]
SD B.1.1
Writable control store[Hardware]
SD H.2.3
Writers, Report [Database Management]
SD D.3.4
Writing systems, Translator [Processors]