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Keywords - V

Level Category
Words and Phrases
*** I.6.4
Validation and Analysis, Model [Simulation and Modeling]
SD D.2.4
Validation [Software Engineering]
SD H.1.1
Value of information [Systems and Information Theory]
SD G.1.7
Value problems, Boundary [Ordinary Differential Equations]
SD G.1.7
Value problems, Initial
SD I.3.1
Vector display devices [Computer Graphics]
SD C.1.2
Vector processors, Array and [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
SD B.1.4
Verification [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
SD B.6.3
Verification [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.2.2
Verification [Arithmetic and Logic Structures; Hardware]
SD B.4.4
Verification [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD B.7.2
Verification [Integrated Circuits]
SD G.4
Verification [Mathematical Software]
SD F.3.1
Verification, Mechanical
SD I.2.2
Verification, Program [Artificial Intelligence]
*** D.2.4
Verification, Program [Software Engineering]
SD C.2.2
Verification, Protocol
SD B.5.2
Verification [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD D.4.5
Verification, Reliability [Operating Systems]
SD D.4.6
Verification, Security and Protection [Operating Systems]
*** F.3.1
Verifying and Specifying and Reasoning about Programs [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD D.2.7
Version control [Software Engineering]
SD D.3.2
Very high-level languages
SD C.5.1
Very large computers [Computer Systems Organization]
SD B.7.1
Very large scale integration
SD G.1.3
Very large systems, Sparse and [Numerical Analysis]
SD H.5.1
Video (e.g., tape, disk, DVI) [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD H.4.3
SD I.3.3
Viewing algorithms [Computer Graphics]
SD I.3.4
Virtual device interfaces [Computer Graphics]
SD B.3.2
Virtual memory [Memory Structures]
SD D.4.2
Virtual memory [Operating Systems]
SD I.3.7
Virtual reality
SD K.6.5
Viruses [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.4.6
Viruses [Operating Systems]
SD I.3.7
Visible line/surface algorithms [Computer Graphics]
*** I.2.10
Vision and Scene Understanding [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.5.4
Vision, Computer [Pattern Recognition]
*** D.1.7
Visual Programming
SD I.6.8
Visual [Simulation and Modeling]
*** C.5.4
VLSI Systems [Computer System Implementation]
SD B.7.1
VLSI (very large scale integration) [Integrated Circuits]
SD B.4.2
Voice [Input/Output Devices]
SD° B.4.1
Voice Receivers [Data Communications Devices]
SD G.1.9
Volterra equations
SD I.4.10
Volumetric [Image Processing]
SD C.1.1
Von Neumann architectures