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Keywords - R

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD I.3.7
Radiosity [Computer Graphics]
SD° F.1.1
Random access machines
SD G.3
Random number generation
SD I.4.8
Range data [Image Processing]
SD D.2.m
Rapid prototyping [Software Engineering]
SD I.3.1
Raster display devices [Computer Graphics]
SD G.1.2
Rational approximation
SD I.3.7
Raytracing [Computer Graphics]
SD J.7
Real time [Computer Applications]
*** I.3.7
Realism, Three-Dimensional Graphics and
SD H.5.1
Realities, Artificial [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.3.7
Reality, Virtual [Computer Graphics]
SD D.4.7
Real-time and embedded systems [Operating Systems]
SD C.3
Real-time systems [Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems]
*** F.3.1
Reasoning about Programs, Specifying and Verifying and
SD I.2.3
Reasoning and belief revision, Nonmonotonic
SD I.2.10
Reasoning, Perceptual
SD I.2.3
Reasoning, Uncertainty, "fuzzy," and probabilistic [Artificial Intelligence]
SD B.4.1
Receivers [Data Communications Devices]
SD I.2.7
Recognition and synthesis, Speech
** I.5
Recognition, Pattern
*** I.4.5
Reconstruction [Image Processing]
SD H.3.2
Record classification [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD° E.5
Recovery [Files; Data]
SD H.2.2
Recovery and restart [Database Management]
SD D.2.5
Recovery, Error handling and [Testing and Debugging; Software Engineering]
SD H.2.7
Recovery, Logging and [Database Management]
SD I.2.10
Recovery of physical attributes, Modeling and [Artificial Intelligence]
SD G.2.1
Recurrences and difference equations
SD D.3.3
Recursion [Programming Languages]
SD F.3.3
Recursion schemes, Program and
SD F.4.1
Recursive function theory
SD F.1.3
Reducibility and completeness [Complexity Classes; Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD B.2.3
Redundant design [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
SD B.1.3
Redundant design [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
SD B.6.2
Redundant design [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.4.5
Redundant design [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD B.7.3
Redundant design [Integrated Circuits]
SD B.3.4
Redundant design [Memory Structures]
SD B.5.3
Redundant design [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD D.2.3
Reentrant code
** A.2
Reference (e.g., dictionaries, encyclopedias, glossaries)[General Literature]
SD C.2.0
Reference model, Open System Interconnection (OSI)
SD I.4.6
Region growing, partitioning [Image Processing]
** B.5
Register-Transfer-Level Implementation[Hardware]
SD I.4.3
Registration [Image Processing]
SD° F.4.3
Regular sets
SD K.5.2
Regulation [Government Issues; Legal Aspects of Computing]
SD K.4.1
Regulation [Public Policy Issues]
SD I.2.4
Relation systems [Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods]
SD F.1.3
Relations among complexity classes
SD F.1.3
Relations among complexity measures
SD F.1.1
Relations among models
SD F.1.2
Relations among modes [Modes of Computation]
SD F.1.2
Relativized computation [Modes of Computation]
SD G.4
Reliability and robustness [Mathematical Software]
*** B.6.2
Reliability and Testing [Logic Design; Hardware]
*** B.7.3
Reliability and Testing [Integrated Circuits]
*** B.5.3
Reliability and Testing [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD C.4
Reliability, availability, and serviceability [Performance of Systems]
SD B.4.5
Reliability, Hardware [Input/Output and Data Communications]
*** D.4.5
Reliability [Operating Systems]
SD D.2.4
Reliability [Program Verification; Software Engineering]
*** B.2.3
Reliability, Testing, and Fault-Tolerance [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
*** B.1.3
Reliability, Testing, and Fault-Tolerance, Control Structure [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
*** B.4.5
Reliability, Testing, and Fault-Tolerance [Input/Output and Data Communications]
*** B.3.4
Reliability, Testing, and Fault-Tolerance [Memory Structures]
SD I.3.2
Remote systems [Computer Graphics]
SD I.3.7
Removal, Hidden line/surface [Computer Graphics]
SD H.2.3
Report writers [Database Management]
SD D.2.10
Representation [Design; Software Engineering]
*** I.1.1
Representation, Expressions and Their [Algebraic Manipulation]
*** I.2.4
Representation Formalisms and Methods, Knowledge
*** I.4.10
Representation, Image
***° I.2.4
Representation, Knowledge [Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods]
SD I.2.4
Representation languages
***° I.2.4
Representation Methods, Knowledge
SD I.3.5
Representations, Boundary [Computer Graphics]
SD E.2
Representations, Contiguous [Data Storage Representations]
SD I.3.5
Representations, Curve, surface, solid, and object
** E.2
Representations, Data Storage
SD I.2.10
Representations, data structures, and transforms [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.1.1
Representations (General and Polynomial) [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD E.2
Representations, Hash-table [Data Storage Representations]
SD E.2
Representations, Linked [Data Storage Representations]
SD I.2.4
Representations (procedural and rule-based) [Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods]
*** D.2.1
Requirements/Specifications [Software Engineering]
SD I.2.3
Resolution [Deduction and Theorem Proving; Artificial Intelligence]
SD K.6.2
Resource allocation [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD F.4.3
Resource-bounded automata, Classes defined by [Formal Languages]
SD° F.1.1
Resource-bounded automata [Models of Computation]
SD° D.4.5
Restart [Operating Systems]
SD H.2.2
Restart, Recovery and [Database Management]
*** I.4.4
Restoration [Image Processing]
SD I.4.4
Restoration, Pseudoinverse
SD D.2.7
Restructuring [Software Engineering]
SD H.3.4
Retrieval, fact
*** H.3.3
Retrieval, Information Search and
** H.3
Retrieval, Information Storage and
SD H.3.3
Retrieval models [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD° H.3.4
Retrieval, Question-answering systems
SD D.2.m
Reusable software
*** F.4.2
Rewriting Systems, Grammars and Other
SD F.4.2
Rewriting systems, Parallel
SD K.5.1
Rights, Proprietary
SD C.2.5
Rings [Local Networks]
SD C.0
RISC [Computer Systems Organization]
*** I.2.9
SD G.4
Robustness, Reliability and [Mathematical Software]
*** G.1.5
Roots of Nonlinear Equations
SD F.2.2
Routing and layout [Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems]
SD B.7.2
Routing, Placement and [Integrated Circuits]
SD I.2.4
Rule-based and procedural representations
SD° I.2.3
Rule-based deduction
SD D.3.4
Run-time environments [Processors]