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Keywords - P

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD I.3.4
Packages, Application [Graphics Utilities]
*** K.8.1
Packages, Application [Personal Computing]
SD I.3.4
Packages, Graphics [Graphics Utilities]
SD I.3.5
Packages, Modeling [Computer Graphics]
SD D.3.3
Packages, Modules [Language Constructs; Programming Languages]
SD C.2.1
Packet networks
SD I.3.4
Paint systems [Computer Graphics]
SD G.1.8
Parabolic equations [Partial Differential Equations]
SD G.1.0
Parallel algorithms [Numerical Analysis]
SD B.6.1
Parallel circuits [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.2.1
Parallel [Design Styles; Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
SD D.3.2
Parallel languages, Concurrent, distributed, and
SD I.3.1
Parallel processing [Computer Graphics]
SD C.1.2
Parallel processors
SD D.1.3
Parallel programming
SD F.4.2
Parallel rewriting systems
SD I.6.8
Parallel [Simulation and Modeling]
SD F.1.2
Parallelism and concurrency [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD I.2.6
Parameter learning [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.2.7
Parsing and understanding, Language [Natural Language Processing; Artificial Intelligence]
SD F.4.2
Parsing [Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems]
SD D.3.4
Parsing [Processors]
*** G.1.8
Partial Differential Equations
SD I.4.6
Partitioning, Region growing [Image Processing]
SD K.5.m
Patents, Hardware
SD K.5.1
Patents [Software Protection]
SD G.2.2
Path and circuit problems [Graph Theory]
SD I.5.2
Pattern analysis [Pattern Recognition]
SD F.2.2
Pattern matching [Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems]
** I.5
Pattern Recognition
SD K.2
People [History of Computing]
*** K.6.1
People Management
SD I.2.10
Perceptual reasoning [Artificial Intelligence]
*** B.2.2
Performance Analysis and Design Aids [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
*** B.1.2
Performance Analysis and Design Aids, Control Structure [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
*** B.4.4
Performance Analysis and Design Aids [Input/Output and Data Communications]
*** B.3.3
Performance Analysis and Design Aids [Memory Structures]
SD K.6.2
Performance and usage measurement [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD C.4
Performance attributes [Performance of Systems]
SD° D.4.8
Performance measurements [Operating Systems]
SD D.2.8
Performance measures [Metrics; Software Engineering]
** C.4
Performance of Systems
*** D.4.8
Performance [Operating Systems]
SD J.5
Performing Arts, Fine and [Computer Applications]
SD B.1.5
Peripheral control [Microcode Applications]
SD G.2.1
Permutations and combinations
SD H.2.3
Persistent [Database Management]
SD C.5.3
Personal computer [Computer System Implementation]
** K.8
Personal Computing
SD° K.6.1
SD D.2.2
Petri nets [Software Engineering]
SD I.2.0
Philosophical foundations [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.7.2
Photocomposition/typesetting [Text Processing]
SD I.2.10
Photometry [Vision and Scene Understanding; Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.4.8
Photometry [Image Processing]
SD I.2.10
Physical attributes, Modeling and recovery of
*** H.2.2
Physical Design [Database Management]
** J.2
Physical Sciences and Engineering [Computer Applications]
SD K.6.5
Physical security [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD K.6.m
Physical security [retired January 1991]
SD B.4.3
Physical structures [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD I.3.5
Physically based modeling [Computer Graphics]
SD J.2
Physics [Computer Applications]
SD I.3.4
Picture description languages [Computer Graphics]
*** I.3.3
Picture/Image Generation [Computer Graphics]
SD G.1.2
Piecewise polynomial approximation, Spline and
SD G.1.1
Piecewise polynomial interpolation, Spline and
SD B.2.1
Pipeline [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
SD C.1.2
Pipeline processors [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
SD C.1.1
Pipeline processors [Single Data Stream Architectures]
SD° B.5.1
Pipelined styles [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD I.4.6
Pixel classification [Image Processing]
SD B.7.2
Placement and routing [Integrated Circuits]
SD I.2.8
Plan execution, formation, generation [Artificial Intelligence]
SD A.0
Plays [General Literature]
SD B.4.3
Point-to-point interconnections [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD° B.4.3
Point-to-point topology
*** K.4.1
Policy Issues, Public
SD G.1.2
Polynomial approximation, Spline and piecewise
SD I.1.1
Polynomial, General and [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD G.1.1
Polynomial interpolation, Spline and piecewise
SD F.2.1
Polynomials, Computations on
SD G.1.5
Polynomials, methods for [Roots of Nonlinear Equations]
SD G.4
Portability [Mathematical Software]
SD D.2.7
Portability [Software Engineering]
SD F.3.1
Post-conditions [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD F.3.1
Pre- and post-conditions [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD I.2.4
Predicate logic [Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods]
SD D.4.8
Prediction, Modeling and [Performance; Operating Systems]
*** I.7.2
Preparation, Document [Text Processing]
SD D.3.4
** H.5
Presentation, Information Interfaces and
SD D.2.3
Pretty printers
SD K.6.2
Pricing and resource allocation [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD° F.2.1
Primality testing
SD B.3.2
Primary memory
SD E.2
Primitive data items [Data Storage Representations]
SD F.3.3
Primitives, Control [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
** H.1
Principles, Models and [Information Systems]
SD B.4.2
Printers, Data terminals and [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD D.2.3
Printers, Pretty [Coding; Software Engineering]
SD K.4.1
SD G.3
Probabilistic algorithms (including Monte Carlo)
SD F.1.2
Probabilistic computation [Modes of Computation]
SD I.2.3
Probabilistic reasoning, Uncertainty, "fuzzy," and [Artificial Intelligence]
** G.3
Probability and Statistics
** F.2
Problem Complexity, Analysis of Algorithms and
*** I.2.8
Problem Solving, Control Methods, and Search [Artificial Intelligence]
SD F.2.2
Problems and computations, Geometrical
SD G.1.7
Problems, Boundary value [Ordinary Differential Equations]
SD G.2.1
Problems, Counting [Combinatorics]
SD F.4.3
Problems, Decision [Formal Languages]
SD F.4.2
Problems, Decision [Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems]
SD G.1.7
Problems, Initial value [Ordinary Differential Equations]
SD G.2.2
Problems, Network
*** F.2.2
Problems, Nonnumerical Algorithms and
*** F.2.1
Problems, Numerical Algorithms and
SD G.2.2
Problems, Path and circuit
SD I.2.4
Procedural and rule-based representations
SD D.4.5
Procedures, Backup
SD F.2.2
Procedures, Complexity of proof
SD D.3.3
Procedures, functions, and subroutines [Language Constructs; Programming Languages]
SD A.0
Proceedings, Conference
SD J.7
Process control [Computer Applications]
SD C.3
Process control systems [Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems]
*** D.4.1
Process Management [Operating Systems]
SD H.3.3
Process, Search [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD H.3.3
Process, Selection [Information Storage and Retrieval]
** J.1
Processing, Administrative Data [Computer Applications]
SD K.8.1
Processing, Database [Personal Computing]
SD H.1.2
Processing, Human information
** I.4
Processing, Image
SD H.3.1
Processing, Linguistic
*** I.2.7
Processing, Natural Language
SD I.3.1
Processing, Parallel [Computer Graphics]
SD H.2.4
Processing, Query
SD I.5.4
Processing, Signal [Applications; Pattern Recognition]
SD I.4.0
Processing software, Image
SD D.4.7
Processing systems, Batch [Operating Systems]
SD C.3
Processing systems, Signal [Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems]
SD I.5.4
Processing, Text [Applications; Pattern Recognition]
** I.7
Processing, Text [Computing Methodologies]
SD H.2.4
Processing, Transaction [Database Management]
SD H.4.1
Processing, Word
SD K.8.1
Processing, Word [Personal Computing]
** C.1
Processor Architectures
SD C.1.2
Processors, Array and vector [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
SD C.1.2
Processors, Associative
SD B.4.1
Processors [Data Communications Devices]
SD I.3.1
Processors, Graphics [Computer Graphics]
SD C.1.2
Processors, Multiple-instruction-stream, multiple-data-stream (MIMD)
SD C.1.1
Processors, Multiple-instruction-stream, single-data-stream (SIMD)
SD C.1.2
Processors, Parallel [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
SD C.1.2
Processors, Pipeline [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
SD C.1.1
Processors, Pipeline [Single Data Stream Architectures]
*** D.3.4
Processors [Programming Languages]
SD C.1.2
Processors, Single-instruction-stream, multiple-data-stream (MISD)
SD C.1.1
Processors, Single-instruction-stream, single-data-stream (SISD)
SD C.1.3
Processors, Stack-oriented
SD D.2.9
Productivity [Software Engineering]
SD J.7
Products, Consumer [Computer Applications]
** K.7
Profession, The Computing
SD F.3.3
Program and recursion schemes
*** F.3.3
Program Constructs, Studies of [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD D.2.3
Program editors
SD I.2.2
Program modification [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.2.2
Program synthesis [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.2.2
Program transformation [Artificial Intelligence]
SD H.2.5
Program translation [Database Management]
SD I.2.2
Program verification [Artificial Intelligence]
*** D.2.4
Program Verification [Software Engineering]
SD D.2.2
Programmer workbench
*** D.1.1
Programming, Applicative (Functional) [Programming Techniques]
*** I.2.2
Programming, Automatic [Artificial Intelligence]
*** D.1.2
Programming, Automatic [Programming Techniques]
*** D.1.3
Programming, Concurrent
SD D.1.3
Programming, Distributed
SD I.2.8
Programming, Dynamic [Artificial Intelligence]
*** D.2.6
Programming Environments [Software Engineering]
***° D.1.1
Programming, Functional [Programming Techniques]
SD G.1.6
Programming, Integer
** D.3
Programming Languages
*** I.2.5
Programming Languages and Software [Artificial Intelligence]
SD H.2.3
Programming languages, Database [Database Management]
*** F.3.2
Programming Languages, Semantics of [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD G.1.6
Programming, Linear
SD I.2.3
Programming, Logic [Deduction and Theorem Proving; Artificial Intelligence]
SD F.4.1
Programming, Logic [Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages]
*** D.1.6
Programming, Logic [Programming Techniques]
SD G.1.6
Programming, Nonlinear
*** D.1.5
Programming, Object-oriented
SD D.1.3
Programming, Parallel
*** D.1.4
Programming, Sequential [Programming Techniques]
SD D.2.2
Programming, Structured
SD D.3.3
Programming structures, Concurrent [Language Constructs]
SD D.2.9
Programming teams [Software Engineering]
** D.1
Programming Techniques
SD D.2.2
Programming, Top-down
*** D.1.7
Programming, Visual
*** D.4.9
Programs and Utilities, Systems [Operating Systems]
** F.3
Programs, Logics and Meanings of [Theory of Computation]
SD F.3.1
Programs, Logics of [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
*** F.3.1
Programs, Reasoning about [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
*** F.3.1
Programs, Specifying and Verifying and Reasoning about [Logicsand Meanings of Programs]
***° D.4.9
Programs, Systems [Operating Systems]
*** F.3.1
Programs, Verifying [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
*** K.6.1
Project and People Management
SD I.4.7
Projections [Image Processing]
SD F.2.2
Proof procedures, Complexity of
SD F.4.1
Proof theory [Mathematical Logic]
SD D.2.4
Proofs, Correctness [Software Engineering]
SD I.2.9
Propelling mechanisms [Robotics; Artificial Intelligence]
SD K.5.1
Proprietary rights [Software Protection]
SD H.2.0
Protection [Database Management]
SD D.2.0
Protection mechanisms [Software Engineering]
SD C.2.0
Protection, Security and [Computer-Communication Networks]
*** K.6.5
Protection, Security and [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
*** D.4.6
Protection, Security and [Operating Systems]
*** K.5.1
Protection, Software [Legal Aspects of Computing]
SD C.2.2
Protocol architecture
SD C.2.2
Protocol verification
*** C.2.2
Protocols, Network [Computer-Communication Networks]
SD D.2.m
Prototyping, Rapid [Software Engineering]
*** I.2.3
Proving, Deduction and Theorem
SD F.4.1
Proving, Mechanical theorem [Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages]
SD I.4.4
Pseudoinverse restoration [Image Processing]
SD G.1.3
Pseudoinverses [Numerical Linear Algebra]
SD J.4
Psychology [Computer Applications]
SD D.m
Psychology, Software
SD E.3
Public key cryptosystems
SD C.2.3
Public networks
*** K.4.1
Public Policy Issues
SD J.7
Publishing [Computers in Other Systems]
SD I.7.2
Publishing, Desktop
SD° F.1.1
Push-down automata