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Keywords - O

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD I.3.5
Object hierarchies [Computer Graphics]
*** I.3.5
Object Modeling, Computational Geometry and
SD I.3.5
Object representations, Curve, surface, solid, and [Computer Graphics]
SD D.3.2
Object-oriented languages
*** D.1.5
Object-oriented Programming
*** K.7.1
Occupations [The Computing Profession]
SD I.2.1
Office automation [Artificial Intelligence]
*** H.4.1
Office Automation [Information Systems Applications]
*** H.3.5
Online Information Services [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD C.2.0
Open System Interconnection reference model (OSI)
** D.4
Operating Systems
SD C.2.4
Operating systems, Network
SD B.1.5
Operating systems/instruction sets, Firmware support of [Microcode Applications]
SD B.4.3
Operation, Asynchronous/synchronous
SD D.4.8
Operational analysis [Performance; Operating Systems]
SD F.3.2
Operational semantics [Semantics of Programming Languages]
SD I.3.3
Operations, Bitmap and framebuffer [Computer Graphics]
*** C.2.3
Operations, Network
SD F.4.3
Operations on languages
SD B.3.2
Optical [Memory Structures]
SD B.4.3
Optics, Fiber
SD G.1.6
Optimization, Constrained
SD B.1.4
Optimization [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
SD B.6.3
Optimization [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD E.5
Optimization [Files]
*** G.1.6
Optimization [Numerical Analysis]
SD D.3.4
Optimization [Processors; Programming Languages]
SD B.5.2
Optimization [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
*** G.1.7
Ordinary Differential Equations
*** D.4.7
Organization and Design [Operating Systems]
* C
Organization, Computer Systems
SD H.3.2
Organization, File [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD D.4.3
Organization, File [Operating Systems]
*** H.5.3
Organization Interfaces, Group and [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD H.5.3
Organizational design [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
*** K.4.3
Organizational Impacts [Computers and Society]
*** K.7.2
Organizations [The Computing Profession]
SD E.5
Organization/structure [Files; Data]
SD C.2.0
OSI, Open System Interconnection reference model
*** I.6.6
Output Analysis, Simulation