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Keywords - N

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD° I.2.3
Natural and rule-based deduction
SD I.2.1
Natural language interfaces [Artificial Intelligence]
*** I.2.7
Natural Language Processing [Artificial Intelligence]
SD H.5.1
Navigation and maps, Hypertext [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.2.6
Nets, Connectionism and neural
SD I.5.1
Nets, Neural [Pattern Recognition]
SD C.1.3
Nets, Neural [Processor Architectures]
SD D.2.2
Nets, Petri [Software Engineering]
*** C.2.1
Network Architecture and Design
SD D.4.4
Network communication [Operating Systems]
SD C.2.1
Network communications [Network Architecture and Design]
SD C.2.1
Network, Integrated Services Digital [Computer-Communication Networks]
SD C.2.3
Network management
SD C.2.3
Network monitoring
SD C.2.4
Network operating systems [Distributed systems]
*** C.2.3
Network Operations
SD G.2.2
Network problems [Graph Theory]
*** C.2.2
Network Protocols
SD C.2.1
Network topology
SD C.2.1
Networks, Centralized
SD C.2.1
Networks, Circuit switching
** C.2
Networks, Computer-Communication
SD C.2.1
Networks, Distributed
SD H.3.4
Networks, Information [Systems and Software; Information Storage and Retrieval]
*** C.2.5
Networks, Local
SD F.1.1
Networks, neural [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD F.1.1
Networks of machines [Models of Computation]
SD C.2.1
Networks, Packet
SD C.2.3
Networks, Public
SD I.2.4
Networks, Semantic [Artificial Intelligence]
SD C.2.1
Networks, Store and forward
SD I.2.6
Neural nets, Connectionism and
SD I.5.1
Neural nets [Pattern Recognition]
SD C.1.3
Neural nets [Processor Architectures]
SD F.1.1
Neural networks [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD I.1.2
Nonalgebraic algorithms [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD F.1.2
Nondeterminism, Alternation and [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD D.3.2
Nondeterministic languages
SD G.1.2
Nonlinear approximation
*** G.1.5
Nonlinear Equations, Roots of
SD G.1.6
Nonlinear programming
SD I.2.3
Nonmonotonic reasoning and belief revision
*** F.2.2
Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems
SD I.1.3
Nonprocedural languages [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD D.3.2
Nonprocedural languages [Programming Languages]
SD E.4
Nonsecret encoding schemes
SD H.2.1
Normal forms [Database Management]
SD I.7.2
Notation, Format and [Document Preparation; Text Processing]
SD G.3
Number generation, Random
SD F.2.1
Number-theoretic computations
*** F.2.1
Numerical Algorithms and Problems
SD G.1.0
Numerical algorithms [Numerical Analysis]
** G.1
Numerical Analysis
*** G.1.4
Numerical Differentiation, Quadrature and
*** G.1.3
Numerical Linear Algebra