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Keywords - L

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD F.4.1
Lambda calculus and related systems
SD I.2.6
Language acquisition [Artificial Intelligence]
SD C.1.3
Language architectures, High-level
*** D.3.2
Language Classifications
*** D.3.3
Language Constructs
SD° D.3.3
Language control structures
SD I.2.7
Language generation [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.2.1
Language interfaces, Natural
SD I.2.7
Language models [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.2.7
Language parsing and understanding [Natural Language Processing; Artificial Intelligence]
*** I.2.7
Language Processing, Natural [Artificial Intelligence]
SD F.4.3
Language theory, Algebraic
SD J.5
Language translation [Computer Applications]
SD B.1.4
Languages and compilers [Microprogram Design Aids; Hardware]
SD I.2.11
Languages and structures [Artificial Intelligence]
*** I.1.3
Languages and Systems [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD I.7.2
Languages and systems [Text Processing]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Applicative
SD° D.3.2
Languages, Assembly
SD D.4.9
Languages, Command and control [Operating Systems]
SD I.3.6
Languages [Computer Graphics]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Concurrent, distributed, and parallel
SD H.2.3
Languages, Data description (DDL)
SD H.2.3
Languages, Data manipulation (DML)
*** H.2.3
Languages [Database Management]
SD H.2.3
Languages, Database programming [Database Management]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Data-flow
SD D.3.2
Languages, Design [Language Classifications]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Extensible
*** F.4.3
Languages, Formal
SD I.3.5
Languages, Geometric [Computer Graphics]
SD° I.3.6
Languages, Graphics
SD B.6.3
Languages, Hardware description [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.5.2
Languages, Hardware description [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Macro and assembly
** F.4
Languages, Mathematical Logic and Formal [Theoryof Computation]
SD° B.1.4
Languages, Microprogram
SD D.3.2
Languages, Microprogramming
SD D.3.2
Languages, Nondeterministic
SD D.3.2
Languages, Nonprocedural
SD I.1.3
Languages, Nonprocedural [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Object-oriented
SD F.4.3
Languages, Operations on
SD I.3.4
Languages, Picture description
** D.3
Languages, Programming [Software]
*** I.2.5
Languages, Programming, and Software [Artificial Intelligence]
SD H.2.3
Languages, Query
SD I.2.4
Languages, Representation
*** F.3.2
Languages, Semantics of Programming Languages
*** I.6.2
Languages, Simulation
SD D.2.1
Languages [Software Engineering]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Specialized application
SD I.7.1
Languages [Text Processing]
SD D.3.2
Languages, Very high-level
*** C.5.1
Large and Medium ("Mainframe") Computers
SD G.1.3
Large systems, Sparse and very [Numerical Analysis]
SD H.3.6
Large text archives [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD I.2.1
Law [Artificial Intelligence]
SD J.1
Law [Computer Applications]
SD° F.2.2
Layout and Routing [Analysis of Algorithms and Problem Complexity]
SD B.7.2
Layout [Integrated Circuits]
*** I.2.6
Learning [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.2.6
Learning, Concept
SD I.2.6
Learning, Parameter
SD G.1.2
Least squares approximation
SD G.1.6
Least squares methods
Legal Aspects
** K.5
Legal Aspects of Computing
SD D.2.2
Libraries, Software
*** H.3.6
Library Automation [Information Storage and Retrieval]
*** K.7.3
Licensing, Testing, and Certification [The Computing Profession]
** J.3
Life and Medical Sciences [Computer Applications]
SD K.6.1
Life cycle [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.2.9
Life cycle [Software Engineering]
SD I.3.3
Line and curve generation [Computer Graphics]
*** G.1.3
Linear Algebra, Numerical
SD G.1.2
Linear approximation
SD G.1.6
Linear programming
SD G.1.3
Linear systems (direct and iterative methods)
SD G.1.8
Lines, Method of [Partial Differential Equations]
SD I.3.7
Line/surface algorithms, Visible
SD I.3.7
Line/surface removal, Hidden [Computer Graphics]
SD H.3.1
Linguistic processing [Content Analysis and Indexing; Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD J.5
Linguistics [Computer Applications]
SD E.2
Linked representations [Data Storage Representations]
SD D.4.9
SD E.1
Lists [Data Structures]
SD K.3.m
Literacy, Computer
SD A.0
Literary works, General
SD J.5
Literature [Computer Applications]
* A
Literature, General
SD D.4.9
*** C.2.5
Local Networks
SD H.2.7
Logging and recovery [Database Management]
SD B.6.1
Logic arrays [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.1.1
Logic arrays, Microprogrammed
SD B.6.1
Logic, Combinational [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD F.4.1
Logic, Computational
** B.6
Logic Design [Hardware]
*** F.4.1
Logic, Mathematical
** F.4
Logic, Mathematical, and Formal Languages
SD B.6.1
Logic, Memory used as [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD I.2.4
Logic, Predicate
*** D.1.6
Logic Programming
SD I.2.3
Logic programming [Deduction and Theorem Proving; Artificial Intelligence]
SD F.4.1
Logic programming [Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages]
** B.2
Logic Structures, Arithmetic and [Hardware]
SD B.5.1
Logic units, Arithmetic and
*** H.2.1
Logical Design [Database Management]
** F.3
Logics and Meanings of Programs
SD F.3.1
Logics of programs [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD H.4.2
Logistics [Types of Systems; Information Systems Applications]
SD° F.4.2
L-Systems [Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems]